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1960, Cars: Ford Anglia 105E

The Ford Anglia 105E was introduced on 30 September 1959 with sales started in 1960. It succeeded the Anglia 100E and it was the last English Ford baring the Anglia name. The design was typical of this generation. Noteworthy are the 'reverse' rear window, which was also built on the 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, and the prominent headlamps separated by a large grille. Furthermore there are some American influences such as the rear fins and the streamlined design.
Ford Anglia 100E
Ford Anglia 105E Standard
Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe
The Anglia 105E was available in three body styles the Saloon, the Estate and the Van (untill 1965 called Thames 307E or 309E Van). The Anglia was available in two trim versions, Standard and Deluxe. The latter variant had chrome side strips, grille and headlight frames. The interior was richly equipped including "two-tone" side panels and a lockable glove box. Both of the models used the new overhead valve 997 cc Kent-engine capable of up to 75mph.
Ford Anglia 105E Estate
Ford Anglia (Thames) 307E
In 1962, the 123E Anglia Super was introduced. The new version had a 1198 cc Kent-engine Ford Cortina under the hood. A special variant was the Anglia Sportsman, built by Ford of Belgium, at Antwerp, it was to all intents and purposes a normal Anglia deluxe, except that the spare wheel was mounted on the outside of the boot lid.
Ford Anglia 105E Sportsman
In 1965 the Ford Anglia 105E Torino was introduced by the Italian arm of Ford. The Ford Anglia 105E Torino used the chassis, doors, windscreen and all the mechanical parts of the Anglia 105E Saloon, but the outer body was of an all new design drawn by Michelotti and built by Officina Stampaggi Industriala (O.S.I). The Italian design did away with the protruding headlights, rear wings and sloping rear screen and replaced them with a more "European" influenced body. In reality the car was a rather bland boxy saloon. The car was also sold in the Benelux. The number of Ford Anglia 105E Torino's built is unknown, but approximately 10,007 were sold in Italy.
Ford Anglia 105E Torino
The Anglia was replaced by the Ford Escort Mark I in 1968. By then 954,426 Saloons, 129,529 Estates and 205,001 Vans were produced.
Ford Anglia 105E Launch

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  1. Oh, this is a nice piece of Ford history. If I were to choose the best of these vintage marvels, I would pick the Ford Anglia 105e Deluxe. It would be great to relive the `60s while driving around with this one, and, of course, wish that it could fly me straight to Hogwarts. Haha!

    Delsie Maidens