Saturday 30 May 2015

1968, Film: "Le tatoué"

The French-Italian comedy "Le tatoué" ("The Tattoo") is released 18 September 1968 in France. The film, directed by Denys de La Patellière, was written by Alphonse Boudard. Main stars are Jean Gabin as Comte Enguerand, Louis, Marie de Montignac alias Legrain and Louis de Funès as Félicien Mézeray. The musical score was composed by Georges Garvarentz.

"Le tatoué" is the fourth and last film with Jean Gabin and Louis de Funes acting together. They also starred together in "Napoléon" (1954), "La Traversée de Paris" (1956) and "Le Gentleman d'Epsom" (1962).

In an artist’s studio, wealthy art dealer Félicien Mézeray (Louis de Funès) sees the old soldier Legrain (Jean Gabin), whose back has a tattoo by Modigliani. Without telling Legrain, Mézaray sells the tattoo to two American dealers. It turns out that Legrain is the last and extremely eccentric Count de Montignac...
Jean Gabin and Louis de Funès
Paul Mercey, Louis de Funès and Jean Gabin
Jean Gabin and Louis de Funès
Main Cast
  • Jean Gabin as Comte Enguerand - Louis Marie de Montignac aka Legrain
  • Louis de Funès as Félicien Mézeray
  • Paul Mercey as Pellot
  • Yves Barsacq as Le postier
  • Pierre Tornade as Le brigadier
  • Jean-Pierre Darras as Lucien
  • Joe Warfield as Larsen
  • Donald J. von Kurtz as Smith
  • Lyne Chardonnet as Valérie Mézeray
  • Ibrahim Seck as Butler

"Le tatoué" Trailer

Saturday 23 May 2015

1967, Cars: Aston Martin DBS

British car maker Aston Martin Lagonda introduced the new DBS at Blenheim Palace on September 25, 1967. Designed by William Towns, the new DBS was intended as a successor to the Aston Martin DB6, although the two ran concurrently for three years.

The new Aston Martin DBS retained the six-cylinder, 3,995 cc from the Aston Martin DB6. The standard L6 engine power output was 210 kW, but an extra engine option offered Italian made Weber carburetors, increasing the power output to 242 kW (DBS Vantage). The car was a larger more "modern" coupé than the DB6, with four full sized seats. Trademark Aston design features, such as a bonnet scoop, wire wheels, and side air vents with stainless steel brightwork were however retained.
Predecessor Aston Martin DB6
Aston Martin DBS (series 1, 1967 - 1969)
Aston Martin DBS (series 1, 1967 - 1969)
Aston Martin DBS (series 1, 1967 - 1969)
From 27 September, 1969 the car was also available with a 5.3 L V8 engine as the Aston Martin DBS V8. The power output was around 235 kW. The DBS V8 could hit 60 mph (97 km/h) in 5.9 seconds and had a top speed of nearly 257 km/h. Besides the engine differences, the DBS V8, used 15'' light weight alloy wheels with ventilated brake discs as opposed to the wire wheels on the DBS. With the introduction of the DBS V8, the DBS received some minor cosmetic changes, the vent in the C-pillar was removed, a deeper front air intake and bigger stainless sill covers.
Aston Martin DBS (series 2, 1969 - 1972)
Aston Martin DBS (series 2, 1969 - 1962)
The Aston Martin DBS and the DBS V8 were produced until May 1972. During the production run 1189 were built, 787 DBSs and 402 DBS V8s.

Aston Martin DBS V8 (1967 - 1969)
Successor Aston Martin V8
Two green DBSs (FBH 207G and GKX 8G) were used as James Bonds car in the 1969 film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" with George Lazenby and Diana Rigg. One DBS (FBH 207G) is now in the Bond museum, Lake District, England, the other (GKX 8G) is privately owned in Australia. Unlike Bond's previous car no gadgets were seen in this car. In the final scenes of the film, Bond's wife, Tracy (Diana Rigg), is shot and killed while sitting in the car.
Green James Bond Aston Martin DBS (1969)
Green James Bond Aston Martin DBS (1969)
In 1971 a "Bahama yellow" Aston Martin DBS, with a personalised license plate "BS 1" (original UK registration number was PPP 6H), was used in the TV series "The Persuaders!" as Lord Brett Sinclairs (played by Roger Moore) car. The car was a 6-cylinder DBS that had been made to look like the DBS V8 model. It was restored to a very high standard in recent years by the Aston Martin factory. Both main stars from "The Persuaders!", Roger Moore and Tony Curtis, have signed the underside of the rear luggage compartment.
Roger Moore (Lord Brett Sinclair) on the hood of
his Aston Martin DBS with original registration number (PPP 6H)
Restored Aston Martin DBS from "The Persuaders!"
Roger Moore (Lord Brett Sinclair) with
his Aston Martin DBS (BS 1)
Tony Curtis and Roger Moore signature in the rear boot of the Aston Martin DBS
Brochure Aston Martin DBS (English, 1967)
Brochure Aston Martin DBS (English, 1969)
Brochure Aston Martin DBS (English, 1970)

Tuesday 19 May 2015

1966, Deaths: Claudette Frady Orbison (25) dies in a motorcycle accident

On 6 June, 1966, Claudette Frady Oribison, wife of the popular American singer Roy Orbison, dies in motorcycle accident in Old Hickory, Tennessee, USA. Claudette Frady was born on September 5 1941 in Odessa, Texas, USA. In 1957 Claudette Frady marries Roy Orbison. Orbison wrote and sold the song "Claudette", about his wife Frady, in 1958 to The Everly Brothers and it appeared on the B-side of their smash hit "All I Have to Do Is Dream".

In 1963 Claudette began having an affair with the contractor who built the Orbison home in Hendersonville, Tennessee , while her husband was touring in Britain. Their friends and relatives attributed it to her youth and that she was unable to withstand being alone and bored. In the same year Roy Orbison was writing with his songwriting partner Bill Dees at his house when he told Dees to get started writing by playing anything that came to mind. Orbison's wife Claudette came in and said she was going to go into town to buy something. Orbison asked if she needed any money, and Dees cracked, "Pretty woman never needs any money." Inspired, Orbison started singing, "Pretty woman walking down the street." Forty minutes later, "Oh, Pretty Woman" was completed. The single sold over seven million copies.
Claudette and Roy Oribison
In November 1964 Claudette and Roy divorced over her infidelities, though they remarried in August 1965. Claudette and Roy shared a love for motorcycles. Claudette grew up around them and Roy claimed Elvis Presley had introduced him to motorcycles.

Roy and Claudette Orbison
On 6 June, 1966, Claudette and Roy were setting off on a motorcycle holiday when a truck driver pulled out in front of her bike. She died in his arms an hour later, at just 25 years old. Roy was devastated to lose his beautiful wife. The tragic lyrics and haunting melody of 'Too Soon To Know', which reached number three in the British charts just two months later, still tug at the heartstrings four decades on.

Two songs dedicated to Claudette Frady-Oribison:

"Claudette" perfomed by The Everly Brothers, written by Roy Orbison (1958)

"Claudette" written en sung by Roy Orbison

"Oh, Pretty Woman" written en sung by Roy Orbison (1963)

Saturday 16 May 2015

1965, Sport: Monte Carlo Rally

The 1965 Monte Carlo Rally (16-01 – 25-01) was won by Timo Mäkinen and Paul Easter in a BMC Mini Cooper S. It was the second victory for BMC with a Mini, the 1964 rally was won by Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon in a Cooper S. 

The weather conditions during the event were acknowledged as the most difficult ever. And instead of the final test on the Formula 1 circuit in Monaco, the teams now had to go back to the mountains to cover 378 miles in a night drive from Saint Claude to Monte Carlo. Only 35 out of the original 237 cars (275 subscribed, 237 started) reached the checkered flag. Despite the bad conditions the Mäkinen – Easter team were the only team in the entire field to complete the route without a single penalty point.
First place (No 52) Timo Mäkinen and Paul Easter in a BMC Mini Cooper S
Second place (No 150) Eugen Böhringer and Rolf Wütherich in a Porsche 904 GTS
Third place (No 49) Pat Moss and Elisabeth Nyström in a Saab 96 Sport
Fourth place (No 107) Peter Harper and Ian Hall in a Sunbeam Tiger
Fifth place (No 147) Herbert Linge and Peter Falk in a Porsche 911 S
Sixth place (No 136) Roger Clark and Jim Porter in a Rover 2000
Seventh place (No 75) Bob Neyret and Jacques Terramorsi in a Citroën DS 21
Eighth place (No 68) Bengt Söderström and Sven-Olof Svedberg in a Ford Cortina Lotus

Ninth place (No 252) Henry Taylor and Brian Melia in a Ford Cortina
Tenth place (No 58) Hans-Joachim Walter and Werner Lier in a BMW 1800 TI
Eleventh place (No 103) Andrew Cowan and Robin Turvey in a Sunbeam Tiger
Twelfth place (No 83) Jean-Claude Ogier and Johnny Servoz-Gavin in a Citroën DS 21
Thirteenth place (No 47) Ove Andersson and Torsten Åhman in a Saab 96 Sport
Fourteenth place (No 118) Rob Slotemaker and Alan Taylor in a Triumph Spitfire
Fifteenth place (No 95) David Pollard and Barry Hughes in a Hillman Imp
1. No 52 Mäkinen Timo - Easter Paul: BMC Mini Cooper S
2. No 150 Böhringer Eugen - Wütherich Rolf: Porsche 904 GTS
3. No 49 Moss-Carlsson Pat - Nyström Elisabeth: Saab 96 Sport
4. No 107 Harper Peter - Hall Ian: Sunbeam Tiger
5. No 147 Linge Herbert - Falk Peter: Porsche 911 S
6. No 136 Clark Roger - Porter Jim: Rover 2000
7. No 75 Neyret Bob - Terramorsi Jacques: Citroën DS 21
8. No 68 Söderström Bengt - Svedberg Sven-Olof: Ford Cortina Lotus
9. No 252 Taylor Henry - Melia Brian: Ford Cortina
10. No 58 Walter Hans-Joachim - Lier Werner: BMW 1800 TI
11. No 103 Cowan Andrew - Turvey Robin: Sunbeam Tiger
12. No 83 Ogier Jean-Claude - Servoz-Gavin Johnny: Citroën DS 21
13. No 47 Andersson Ove - Åhman Torsten: Saab 96 Sport
14. No 118 Slotemaker Rob - Taylor Alan: Triumph Spitfire
15. No 95 Pollard David - Hughes Barry: Hillman Imp
16. No 73 Verrier Guy - Pasquier Bernard: Citroën DS 21
17. No 29 Zasada Sobieslaw - Osinski Kazimierz: Steyr Puch 650 TR
18. No 48 Lund Hans - Wahlgren Björn: Saab 96 Sport
19. No 146 Selbach Günther - Seelinger Werner: Ford Taunus 12M (P4)
20. No 40 Carlsson Erik - Palm Gunnar: Saab 96 Sport
21. No 33 Hokholdt Per - Haraldsen John: Saab 96 Sport
22. No 113 Smith Rosemary - Lowrey-Mackenzie Margaret: Hillman Imp
23. No 79 Bianchi Lucien - Demortier Jean: Citroën DS 21
24. No 141 Lampinen Simo - Ahava Jyrki: Triumph Spitfire
25. No 82 Pointet Lucette - Houillon Françoise: Citroën DS 21
26. No 56 Hopkirk Paddy - Liddon Henry: BMC Mini Cooper S
27. No 72 Morley Donald - Morley Earle: BMC Mini Cooper S
28. No 205 Thuner Jean-Jacques - Gretener John: Triumph Spitfire
29. No 133 Joss Raymond - Fitzpatrick John: Austin 1800
30. No 66 Ingier Arne - Jacobsen Finn: Saab 96 Sport
31. No 138 Courtenay Edward - Wisdom Tommy: Austin 1800
32. No 53 Vilkas Onni - Paroma Olli: Mercedes-Benz 220 SE
33.No 22 Nielsen Jens - Henriksen Henning: Volvo P 544
34. No 16 La Trobe John - Bailey David: BMC Mini Cooper S
35. No 196 Marang Henri 'Ido' - Coltelloni Paul: Citroën DS 21
Sixteenth place (No 73) Guy Verrier and Bernard Pasquier in a Citroën DS 21
Seventeenth place (No 29) Sobieslaw Zasada and Kazimierz Osinski in a Steyr Puch 650 TR
Eighteenth place ( No 48) Hans Lund and Björn Wahlgren in a Saab 96 Sport
Nineteenth place (No 146) Günther Selbach and Werner Seelinger in a Ford Taunus 12M (P4)
Twentieth place (No 40) Erik Carlsson and Gunnar Palm in a Saab 96 Sport
Twenty-first place (No 33) Per Hokholdt and John Haraldsen in a Saab 96 Sport

22th place (No 113) Rosemary Smith and Margaret Lowrey-Mackenzie in a Hillman Imp
23th place (No 79) Lucien Bianchi and Jean Demortier in a Citroën DS 21

24th place (No 141) Simo Lampinen and Jyrki Ahava in a Triumph Spitfire
25th place (No 82) Lucette Pointet and Françoise Houillon in a Citroën DS 21
Car Manufacturers Rankings:
1. Porsche (2/4, 50%)
2. Triumph (3/7, 42,9%)
3. Citroën (6/15, 40%)
4. Saab (6/16, 37,5%)
5. Rootes (Hillman/Sunbeam) (4/12, 33,3%)
6. Rover (1/4, 25%)
7. Mercedes-Benz (1/5, 20%)
8. Steyr-Puch (1/7, 14,3%)
9. BMC (Austin/Morris/Austin Healey/MG) (6/43, 14%)
10. BMW (1/10, 10%)
11. Volvo (1/13, 7,7%)
12. Ford (3/40, 7,5%)
26th place (No 56) Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon in a BMC Mini Cooper S
27th place (No 72) Donald Morley and Earle Morley in a BMC Mini Cooper S
28th place (No 205) Jean-Jacques Thuner and John Gretener in a Triumph Spitfire
29th place (No 133) Raymond Joss and John Fitzpatrick in a Austin 1800
30th place (No 66) Arne Ingier and Finn Jacobsen in a Saab 96 Sport
31th place (No 138) Edward Courtenay and Tommy Wisdom in a Austin 1800
32th place (No 53) Onni Vilkas and Olli Paroma in a Mercedes-Benz 220 SE
33th place (No 22) Jebns Nielsen and Henning Henriksen in a Volvo P 544
34th place (No 16) John La Trobe and David Bailey in a BMC Mini Cooper S
35th place  (No 196) Henri Marang and Paul Coltelloni in a Citroën DS 21
Car Manufacturers with no arrivals:
Glas (0/7), Chevrolet (0/1), Opel (0/2), DKW (0/3), Simca (0/2), Volkswagen (0/8), Daf (0/1), Renault (0/20), Alfa Romeo (0/12), Moskvitch (0/2), Volga (0/3), NSU (0/8), Allard (0/1), Reliant (0/1), Lotus (0/1), Fiat (0/5), Jaguar (0/2), Vauxhall (0/1), Lancia (0/10), Neckar (0/1), Abarth (0/1), Alpine (0/1), Seat (0/1), René Bonnet (0/1), Peugeot (0/1), Datsun (0/1)

1965 Monte Carlo Rally