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1970, Belgian Comics: "Suske en Wiske", "De Charmante Koffiepot"

In 1970 the new "Suske en Wiske" (UK: "Bob & Bobette" or "Spike and Suzy", US: "Willy and Wanda") album "De Charmante Koffiepot" ("The Charming Coffee Pot") is published. This is the first album with Paul Geerts as inkter. In 1971 Geerts became the main artist of the series. "Suske en Wiske" was created by Willy Vandersteen in 1945.

No 106: "De Charmante Koffiepot"
- four-coloured
- first published in 1970 by "Standaard Uitgeverij"
- never published in English
- story and drawings by Willy Vandersteen / Paul Geerts
- published in French ("Bob et Bobette") as "L'aimable Cafetiere"
- pre-publication in "De Standaard" and "Het Nieuwsblad"
No 106: "De Charmante Koffiepot"
The story was pre-published in the newspapers "De Standaard" and "Het Nieuwsblad" from 11 October 1969 to 19 February 1970. The main characters are Suske (Spike), Wiske (Suzy), aunt Sidonia, Lambik (Ambrose), Jerom (Jethro), Tjaf (contractor boss at B. Tonarmé), Teut, Lowie (barman), Sjarel the tramp, Achiel en Felicie, Soline and Miss Sorsjeere.
Suske (Spike) and Wiske (Suzy)
Aunt Sidonia and Jerom (Jethro)
Lambik (Ambrose) and Teut
Lambik (Ambrose), Suske (Spike) and Wiske (Suzy) investigate a light in an abandoned house. They follow footsteps that end up at Aunt Sidonia's house, where the contractor's boss is just visiting. A building complex will be built on the site of the abandoned house. Aunt Sidonia tells that the owner, Miss Sorsjeere, has left and asked her to look after the house during her absence. Jerom (Jethro) tells that Lambik did not come home, afterwards he finds him in the abandoned house. Lambik raves about a talking coffee pot and is put in bed with a fever....
Lambik (Ambrose), Lowie the barman and Teut
Felicie and Achiel
Teut and Sjarel the tramp
  • Miss Sorsjeere’s name is a pun for "sorcière", French for witch.
  • The name of the coffee pot Soline is derived from the French verb “consoler” (to comfort).
  • The construction company B. Tonarmé is a pun for "beton armé", French for reinforced concrete.
Aunt Sidonia, Suske (Spike) and Tjaf
Tjaf and Miss Sorsjeere
Teut and Soline
  • unidentified yellow taxi, probably Peugeot 404
  • Ford (Taunus) 17M (P7a)
  • Volga (GAZ M21)
  • Renault 4
unidentified yellow taxi, probably Peugeot 404
Ford (Taunus) 17M (P7a)
Volga (GAZ M21)
Renault 4