Thursday 18 May 2023

1960, Car Spotting: Staines Bridge, Staines, Surrey, England, UK

Traffic coming from Thorpe Road (left), front to back

First row, left to right
Unidentified car probably Wolseley 4/44 or 15/50, Ford Prefect (E93A).

Second row, left to right
Vauxhall Victor F, Hillman Minx (Mk 4 or 5).

Third row, left to right
Unidentified car.

Traffic going up the A308, front to back
Unidentified van, unidentified car probably Austin, unidentified car probably Wolseley, Riley or MG, Ford Consul (204E) or Ford Zephyr / Zodiac (206E).

Traffic coming from the A308, left to right

First row, front to back
Austin Seven, Ford Consul (204E).

Second row, front to back
Morris Minor 1000, Ford Consul (204E), Ford Anglia (100E), Austin A30/A35, unidentified car probably Hillman Minx, Morris Oxford Series V or Austin A55 Cambridge Mark II, the rest is unidentifiable.

Third row, front to back
Bedford CA, Morris Minor Traveller, Ford Consul (EOTA), Ford Escort (100E), unidentified motorcycle with sidecar, Singer Gazelle, unidentified car probably Vauxhall Victor F, Ford Consul (204E), the rest is unidentifiable.

Friday 12 May 2023

1977, Designs: cars, furniture, electronics, clothes II

Ford-Ghia Megastar concept
- Designed and produced by the Ghia studios, Turin, Italy, 1977
- Based on the the Ford Consul/Granada chassis with the 3 Litre Ford Essex V6 engine
- Unveiled at the 1977 "Geneva International Motor Show", Geneva, Switzerland

Ford-Ghia Megastar concept
Ford-Ghia Megastar concept
Ford-Ghia Megastar concept

Nissan AD-2 concept (AD = Advanced Design)
- Designed by Kengo Ishida at Nissan, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan, 1977
- Produced by Nissan Motor Corporation, Japan, 1977
- Based on the Nissan Laurel with a L28E 2.8-litre EFI L6 engine

Nissan AD-2 concept
Nissan AD-2 concept
Nissan AD-2 concept

Apple ][ Computer
- Designed by Steve Wozniak, USA, 1977
- Manufactured by Apple Computer, Inc., USA, 1977
- 8-bit home computer

Apple ][ Computer
Apple ][ Computer

Denon TU 400 Stereo Tuner
- Manufactured by Danon, Kawasaki, Japan, 1977

Denon TU 400 Stereo Tuner

Polaroid Land Camera 1000
- Manufactured by Polaroid Corporation, USA, 1977
- Instant camera

Polaroid Land Camera 1000
Polaroid Land Camera 1000

Toyota Adverts, 1977

Toyota Corolla Liftback (USA)
Toyota Corolla CS (UK)
Toyota Corona 2000 (West Germany)
Toyota Cressida (West Germany)
Toyota Celica (UK)
Toyota Celica (West Germany)

Sunday 7 May 2023

1976, Cars: Škoda 105/120/125/130

In 1976 Czechoslovakian auto-maker Škoda (AZNP) introduced the Škoda 105/120 (Type 742) 4-door sedan with a rear engine and rear wheel drive. The new car was the successor for the Škoda 100/110.

Škoda 105L (1976-1981)

Predecessor Škoda 100/110

The car was initially available in three model forms with a choice of two engines: the 105S and 105L were powered by the 1046cc (33 kW) engine, while the 120L was powered by the 1174cc (37 kW) engine. The 120LS and 120GLS models, which had the more powerful 1174cc (40 kW) engine and higher levels of equipment, joined the line-up in 1977 and 1978 respectively. In April 1978 the 120GLS was presented.

Škoda 120 (1976-1983)
Škoda Garde coupé (1981-1984)

In November 1981, the range was extended with the attractive Škoda Garde coupé equipped with the 1174 cc, 54 bhp (40 kW) engine. In November 1982, the 105SP and 120LE were added to the range. In 1984 the Škoda 130 was introduced with improvements to the existing 105/120 range.

Škoda 105L (1981-1983)
Škoda 130 (1984-1988)

From 1976 to 1990 a total of 305,726 units were produced. The car was succeeded by the Škoda Favorit.

Successor Škoda Favorit

Belgian Brochure Škoda 105S / 105L (Dutch, 1977)
German Brochure Škoda 120L / 120LS (German, 1978)
Canadian Brochure Škoda 120L (English, 1987)
Canadian Brochure Škoda 120GLS (English, 1987)
Canadian Brochure Škoda Rapid 130 (English, 1987)
Dutch Brochure Škoda 105 / 120 / 130 / 130 R Coupé (Dutch, 1987)