Friday 30 October 2015

1975, Cars: Nissan Silvia / Datsun 180SX /Datsun 200SX (S10)

In 1975 Japanese car manufacturer Nissan introduced the new Nissan Silvia S10 in Japan. The car was introduced as the Datsun 180SX in some European countries and as the Datsun 200SX in North America. The S10 appeared 7 years after the demise of the first Silvia CSP311. The Silvia S10 was based on the Nissan/Datsun Sunny B210 coupé (Datsun 120Y in Europe). The rear-wheel-drive, sporty car, was intended as a competitor to the Toyota Celica and the Mazda 818 coupé.
Predecessor: Nissan Silvia (CSP311) aka Datsun 1600 Coupe (1965-1968)
The Silvia S10 wasbased on the Nissan/Datsun 120Y coupé
Nissan Silvia S S10 (Japan)
Nissan Silvia LS S10 (Japan)
In Japan and some countries the car was fitted with a 1.8 L L4 engine from the Datsun 610/Bluebird 180B. In the USA the car was badged as the Datsun 200SX and fitted with a larger 2.0 L L20B engine. In Japan the Silvia was available in L, S and LS specification.

Datsun 200SX (USA)
145,000 S10 Silvia's were built (1975 - 1979). The Silvia S10 was replaced by the Silvia S110 in 1979.
Successor: Nissan/Datsun Silvia s110
Brochure Datsun Range, 1977 (USA)

Monday 26 October 2015

1974, Car Spotting: Cologne

Left, front to back: Opel Rekord B, Volkswagen 1200/1300 (Beetle), Citroën 2CV, Ford Taunus 17M or 20M (P5), Ford Taunus XL or GXL (TC1)
Middle: BMW 2000 (Neue Klasse)
Right, front to back: Ford Taunus XL or GXL (TC1), Ford Capri MkI, Austin Mini, Ford Taunus L or XL (TC1), Ford Taunus 17M or 20M (P5)

Saturday 24 October 2015

1973, Music: Demis Roussos

In 1973 The Greek singer Demis Roussos, real name Artemios Ventouris-Roussos (15 June 1946 – 25 January 2015), scored 4 number 1 hits in the European charts: "Goodbye, my love, goodbye" (number 1 in Germany and Switzerland), "Forever and Ever" (number 1 in Belgium), "My Friend the Wind" (number 1 in Belgium and The Netherlands) and "Schönes Mädchen aus Arcadia" (English: "Lovely Lady of Arcadia") (number 1 in Belgium and The Netherlands).
Demis Roussos with "Aphrodite's Child"
Demis Roussos holding gold records for his single and album "Forever and Ever" (Paris, 1973)
"Goodbye, my love, goodbye"
"Forever and Ever"
"My Friend the Wind"
"Schönes Mädchen aus Arcadia"
Demis Roussos was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in a Greek family. His father, Yorgos Roussos, was a classical guitarist and an engineer and his mother Olga was a singer. He studied music and sang in the Greek Byzantine Church choir in Alexandria. During the Suez Crisis (1956) he moved with his parents to Greece. In Greece he met Evangelos Papathanassiou (aka Vangelis) and Loukas Sideras, together they formed the progressive rock band “Aphrodite's Child” (1967). After “Aphrodite's Child” disbanded Roussos started a solo career in 1971 with with the song "We Shall Dance" in 1971, which was a top ten hit in both The Netherlands and Belgium.

Video: "Goodbye, my love, goodbye"

Video: "Forever and ever" 

Video: "My friend the wind" 

Video: "Schönes mädchen aus Arcadia"

Saturday 10 October 2015

1972, Television: “The Adventures of Black Beauty”

17 September 1972, the British children's television series "The Adventures of Black Beauty" premieres on ITV. The series produced by "London Weekend Television" and "Talbot Television", was based on the classic novel "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell featuring new characters created by Ted Willis. Main stars were Judi Bowker, Roderick Shaw, William Lucas and Charlotte Mitchell. The musical theme was written by Denis King. A total of 52 episodes were filmed in 2 seasons. (1972 – 1974)

Widower Dr. James Gordon (William Lucas) moves with his two children Vicky (Judi Bowker) and Kevin (Roderick Shaw) from Victorian London to the village of Five Oaks. A black horse escapes from a dealer and is found by Vicky. James Gordon treats the horse's illness and refuses to surrender him until he's well. Vicky, names the horse "Black Beauty". The owner, Mr. Ryder (Denis Carey) agrees to let the horse stay a few days before he takes him back to be sold. When Mr. Ryder falls ill Dr. Gordon speedly drives "Black Beauty" to save his life...
Left to right: Judi Bowker (Vicky Gordon), William Lucas (Dr. James Gordon),
Roderick Shaw (Kevin Gordon) and Charlotte Mitchell (Amy Winthrop)

William Lucas (Dr. James Gordon)
Judi Bowker (Vicky Gordon)
Judi Bowker (Vicky Gordon) and Roderick Shaw (Kevin Gordon)
"Black Beauty" and Judi Bowker (Vicky Gordon)
"Black Beauty" and Stacy Dorning (Jenny Gordon)
Main Cast
  • William Lucas as Dr. James Gordon
  • Charlotte Mitchell as Amy Winthrop
  • Roderick Shaw as Kevin Gordon
  • Michael Culver as Squire Armstrong
  • Judi Bowker as Vicky Gordon (1972–1973)
  • Stacy Dorning as Jenny Gordon (1973–1974)