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1972, Television: The Protectors

The British action thriller television series “The Protectors” premieres on 7 July 1972. It was Gerry Anderson's second TV series using live actors instead of marionettes. The series was produced by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment production company.
It aired from 7 July 1972 till 1 February 1974. A total of 52 episodes were produced over two series. Each episode was 25 minutes long, making it one of the last series of this type to be produced in a half-hour format. Main stars were Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter, and Tony Anholt.

The Protectors, Harry Rule (Robert Vaughn), the Contessa di Contini (Nyree Dawn Porter) and Paul Buchet (Tony Anholt) are three freelance troubleshooters who ran an international crime fighting agency. Based in London, Harry is the leader of the group. The Contessa lives in Italy and, when she isn't working with Harry, rans her own detective agency that specializes in exposing art frauds and recovering stolen art. Paul Buchet works from Paris, he is the group's researcher and gadget specialist...
Nyree Dawn Porter and Robert Vaughn
Nyree Dawn Porter
Tony Anholt

Main Cast
  • Robert Vaughn as Harry Rule
  • Nyree Dawn Porter as Contessa Caroline di Contini
  • Tony Anholt as Paul Buchet
  • Gus as Harry's Dog
  • Yasuko Nagazumi as Suki
  • Anthony Chinn as Chino

Open and Closing Titles

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