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1976, Television: "Sandokan"

On 6 January 1976, the first episode of the Italian mini tv series "Sandokan" was broadcast on the Italian channel RAI 1. The series was a RAI (Italy), O.R.T.F. (France), Bavaria Film (West Germany) and ITC (UK) coproduction. The six-part television series directed by Sergio Sollima was based upon the novels by Emilio Salgari. The music in the series, including the theme tune, was composed by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis.

Indian actor Kabir Bedi played the lead, Sandokan. French actress Carole André was cast as Lady Marianna Guillonk, French actor Philippe Leroy played Sandokan's trusted lieutenant Yanez De Gomera and Italian actor Adolfo Celi was cast as James Brooke.
Kabir Bedi as Sandokan
Carole André as Lady Marianna Guillonk
Around 1850 in Malaysia, Queen Victoria owns the domain of the eastern lands of Borneo including the island Mompracem the former kingdom of prince Sandokan. The British army is commanded by Lord James Guillonk a ruthless conqueror and father of the beautiful Marianna Guillon, nicknamed "the Pearl of Labuan". The brave Sandokan is now the captain of a group of pirates who constantly attack the British army…
Philippe Leroy as Yanez De Gomera and Kabir Bedi as Sandokan
Adolfo Celi as James Brooke
  1. The Kidnapping
  2. The Mysterious Prince
  3. The Tiger Hunt
  4. The Offer
  5. Betrayal
  6. The Battle
Kabir Bedi as Sandokan
Carole André as Lady Marianna Guillonk and Kabir Bedi as Sandokan
Main Cast
  • Kabir Bedi as Sandokan
  • Carole André as Lady Marianna Guillonk
  • Philippe Leroy as Yanez De Gomera
  • Adolfo Celi as James Brooke
  • Andrea Giordana as Sir William Fitzgerald
  • Hans Caninenberg as Lord James Guillonk
  • Milla Sannoner as Lucy Mallory
  • Renzo Giovampietro as Dr. Kirby
  • Franco Fantasia as Captain van Doren
Kabir Bedi as Sandokan and Carole André as Lady Marianna Guillonk
Philippe Leroy as Yanez De Gomera, Carole André as Lady Marianna Guillonk and
Kabir Bedi as Sandokan
TP de Oro: Mejor Serie Extranjera (Best Foreign Series) (Spain, 1977)

Sandokan Opening Credits 1976

German Cine Trailer (1976)

Sunday 11 November 2018

1975, Best selling cars UK

This list contains the best selling car models in the UK with more than 5,000 units sold in 1975. (source: Auto Katalog, Germany)
N° 48 Volkswagen Passat
5,362 units sold
Volkswagen Passat
N° 47 Lada 1200/1300/1500 (VAZ 2101)
5,376 units sold
Lada 1200
N° 46 Opel Kadett (C1) (GM Germany)
5,403 units sold
Opel Kadett (C1)
N° 45 Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1)
5,410 units sold
Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1)
N° 44 Datsun Violet (Nissan)
5,579 units sold
Datsun Violet (Nissan)
N° 43 Renault R6
5,685 units sold
Renault R6
N° 42 Fiat 126
5, 938 units sold
Fiat 126
N° 41 Renault R4
6,080 units sold
Renault R4
N° 40 Audi 80
6,244 units sold
Audi 80
N° 39 Citroën 2CV
6,843 units sold
Citroën 2CV
N° 38 Peugeot 504
6,854 units sold
Peugeot 504
N° 37 Audi 100
7,407 units sold
Audi 100
N° 36 Toyota Corolla
8,017 units sold
Toyota Corolla
N° 35 Fiat 128
8,271 units sold
Fiat 128
N° 34 Simca 1100 (Chrysler France)
8,324 units sold
Simca 1100
N° 33 MG B / Midget (British Leyland)
8,855 units sold
N° 32 Skoda 100/110
8,909 units sold
Skoda 100
N° 31 Citroën GS
9,004 units sold
Citroën GS
N° 30 Triumph Dolomite/Sprint (British Leyland)
9,436 units sold
Triumph Dolomite Sprint
N° 29 Honda Civic
9,686 units sold
Honda Civic
N° 28 Hillman Imp (Chrysler UK)
10,009 units sold
Hillman Imp
N° 27 Datsun Bluebird (Nissan)
10,178 units sold
Datsun Bluebird (Nissan)
N° 26 Fiat 127
10,413 units sold
Fiat 127
N° 25 Renault R16
10,474 units sold
Renault R16
N° 24 Jaguar / Daimler saloon (British Leyland)
11,684 units sold
Jaguar XJ / Daimler Saloon
N° 23 Vauxhall Ventora (FE) (GM UK)
11,798 units sold
Vauxhall Ventora (FE)
N° 22 Triumph 2000/2500 (British Leyland)
11,867 units sold
Triumph 2000
N° 21 Volvo 244/245
12,787 units sold
Volvo 244
N° 20 Renault R5
14,245 units sold
Renault R5
N° 19 Rover 2000/ 3500/S (P6)
14,879 units sold
Rover P6
N° 18 Renault R12
15,376 units sold
Renault R12
N° 17 Datsun Cherry (Nissan)
15,602 units sold
Datsun Cherry (Nissan)
N° 16 Vauxhall Viva/Magnum (HC) (GM UK)
18,325 units sold
Vauxhall Viva (HC)
N° 15 Ford Granada
18,860 units sold
Ford Granada
N° 14 Volkswagen Golf (Type 17)
19,111 units sold
Volkswagen Golf (Type 17)
N° 13 Triumph Toledo 1500 (British Leyland)
19,809 units sold
Triumph Toledo
N° 12 Austin Maxi (British Leyland)
26,078 units sold
Austin Maxi
N° 11 Ford Capri II
26,621 units sold
Ford Capri II
N° 10 Datsun Sunny (B210) (Nissan)
27,136 units sold
Datsun Sunny (B210)
N° 9 Princess (British Leyland)
27,263 units sold
Princess (British Leyland)
N° 8 Hillman Hunter (Chrysler UK)
27,869 units sold
Hillman Hunter
N° 7 Hillman Avenger (Chrysler UK)
37,765 units sold
Hillman Avenger
N° 6 Vauxhall Victor (FE) (GM UK)
52,762 units sold
Vauxhall Victor (FE)
N° 5 Austin Allegro (British Leyland)
60,597 units sold
Austin Allegro
N° 4 Morris Marina (British Leyland)
75,262 units sold
Morris Marina
N° 3 Mini (British Leyland)
81,766 units sold
N° 2 Ford Escort (Mk II)
96,604 units sold
Ford Escort (Mk II)
N° 1 Ford Cortina (Mk III)
100,728 units sold
Ford Cortina (Mk III)