Monday 30 October 2023

1960, Car Spotting: Älmhult, Sweden, First Ikea store

Front to back

First row, left to right
Austin Cambridge A40/A50/A55, Chevrolet Bel Air (1955), Opel Kapitän, DKW 3=6, Saab 93, Volvo PV444, Volvo PV444, Borgward Isabella, Ford Zephyr Mark II (206E), four unidentified cars.

Second row, left to right
Unidentified car, Volkswagen 1100/1200 Beetle (Type 1), Porsche 356, Volvo PV444, Ford Consul Mark II (204E), Volkswagen 1100/1200 Beetle (Type 1), Volkswagen 1100/1200 Beetle (Type 1), Opel Rekord P1, Volkswagen 1100/1200 Beetle (Type 1), Opel Rekord P1, Opel Olympia Rekord, Volvo PV444.

Third row to seventh row
Most cars are unidentifiable (except for some Beetle’s).

Parked in front of the store, front to back
Unidentified car, unidentified car probably Chevrolet, Saab 93, Volkswagen 1100/1200 Beetle (Type 1), Volvo PV444, Volkswagen 1100/1200 Beetle (Type 1), the others are unidentifiable.

Sunday 29 October 2023

1977, Belgian Comics: Kuifje Magazine Volume 32 n°1

On January 4, 1977, volume 32 number 1 of the youth magazine "Kuifje" (original title "Tintin") is published by Lombard. The weekly "Kuifje" first appeared in 1946. In 1993, the publication was discontinued.

Kuifje Magazine Volume 32 n°1


  • "De schaduw van de Raaf" by Comes (Didier Comès)
  • "Buddy Longway": "Het Geheim" by Derib (Claude de Ribeaupierre)
  • "Een Kidordinnerietje van Tibet": "De boef, de grote en de nutteloze..." by Tibet (Gilbert Gascard)
  • "Corentin" by P. Cuvelier (Paul Cuvelier)
  • "Clifton": "Dear Mr. Wilkinson" by Turk (Philippe Liégeois) – Degroot (Bob de Groot)
  • "Alain Chevallier": "De Rivalen" by Chr. Denayer and A.P. Duchateau
  • "Dommel" by Dupa (Luc Dupanloup)
  • "Robin Hoed" by Turk (Philippe Liégeois) – Degroot (Bob de Groot)
  • "Alex": "Het Spook van Carthago" by Jacques Martin
  • "Taka Takata": "De draak is pyromaan" by Vicq (Antoine Raymond) and Jo-El Azara (Joseph Franz Hedwig Loeckx)
  • "Jugurtha": "De oorlog van de 7 heuvels..." by Franz (Franz Drappier) and J.-L. Vernal (Jean-Luc Vernal)
  • "Roodoog en Mopsneus" by Gordon Bess

De schaduw van de Raaf

Buddy Longway: Het Geheim

De boef, de grote en de nutteloze...


Clifton: Dear Mr. Wilkinson

Alain Chevallier: De Rivalen


Robin Hoed

Alex: Het Spook van Carthago

Taka Takata: De draak is pyromaan

Jugurtha: De oorlog van de 7 heuvels...

Roodoog en Mopsneus

Non comics

  • "Volgende week komt Rik Ringers terug"
  •  "Met de schriften van Clairfontaine": "Het spel van de 5 vergissingen"
  •  "30e verjaardag"
  •  "De Clemenceau en zijn toestellen" by Mister Kit
  •  Cartoon by Cram
  •  "Een knipoogje van over het Kanaal… Jane Birkin" by Y.D.
Volgende week komt Rik Ringers terug
Met de schriften van Clairfontaine
30e verjaardag
De Clemenceau en zijn toestellen
Cartoon by Cram
Een knipoogje van over het Kanaal… Jane Birkin

Full Magazine

Tuesday 24 October 2023

1976, Car Spotting: Jubilee Gardens, Londen, UK

Front to back

First row, left to right
Five unidentified cars.

Second row, left to right
Renault 5, Morris Marina.

Third row, left to right
Hillman Imp Mark III, Hillman Imp Mark III, Fiat 127, unidentified car probably Jaguar, unidentified car probably DAF, Austin/Morris BMC ADO16, Volkswagen 1200 (Beetle, Type 1), Triumph 1300, Renault 6, Datsun 120Y, Rover P6, Ford Cortina Mk III (TC), unidentified car.

Fourth row, left to right
Volkswagen 1200 (Beetle, Type 1), Rover P6, Austin/Morris BMC ADO17, Ford Zephyr/Zodiac Mark IV, Triumph 2000 Mk 2, Jaguar XJ Series II, Jaguar E-type,     Austin A60 Cambridge or Morris Oxford series VI, Datsun 120Y, unidentified car, unidentified car probably Datsun, Ford Cortina Mk III (TC), Simca 1307 (Chrysler Alpine), Rover P6, Vauxhall Viva Estate (HC).

Fifth row, left to right
Five unidentified cars, Ford Cortina Mk III (TC), three unidentified cars, Renault 4, four unidentified cars.

Sixth row, left to right
Unidentified car probably Datsun, Volkswagen 1600 Variant (Type 3), Fiat 128 Coupé, Alfa Romeo Alfasud, Rover P4, four unidentified cars, Ford Zephyr/Zodiac Mark IV, five unidentified cars.

The rest is quite obscure... 

Friday 20 October 2023

1975, Television: Jeux Sans Frontières 1975 Final

The 1975 Final of “Jeux Sans Frontières” / “Spiel ohne Grenzen” / “Spel zonder grenzen” / “Giochi senza frontiere” / “It's a Knockout”, was held in the Market Square in Ieper, Belgium. The presenters were Mike Verdrengh and Regine Clauwaert (BRT) with Gennaro Olivieri and Guido Pancaldi as international referees. The show was broadcast by BRT/RTB Belgium, SSR/TSI/SRG Switzerland, ARD/WDR West Germany, A2 France, BBC Great Britain, RAI Italy and NCRV Netherlands.

Jeux Sans Frontières, opening titles

The Games Theme: Love and Marriage

Mike Verdrengh with Gennaro Olivieri and Guido Pancaldi

The Games:

  • The Cave Men
  • The Wedding Presents
  • The Honeymoon Cars
  • Hanging Out The Washing
  • Arrival of The Storks
  • Paying the Taxes
  • The Drunken Husbands and Posting the Bills
  • Fil Rouge: The Bride and Groom
  • Jokers (theme): Cats (symbol of Ieper).
Regine Clauwaert


  1. Nancy, France, 45 points
  2. Riccione, Italy, 40 points
  3. Knokke-Heist, Belgium, 34 points
  4. Bietigheim-Bissingen, West Germany, 32 points
  5. Steenwijk, Netherlands, 32 points
  6. Swansea, Great Britain, 30 points
  7. Faido, Swizerland, 23 points 

Full Episode

Saturday 14 October 2023

1974, Deaths: French President Georges Pompidou

On April 2, French President Georges Pompidou dies of cancer. Pompidou won the 1968 French presidential election against his opponent, interim president Alain Poher, with more than 58% of the vote. Pompidou is also the compiler of an anthology of French poetry and the architecturally interesting Centre Pompidou in Paris is named after him.

President Georges Pompidou

Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou was born on 5 July 1911 in Montboudif. He was the grandson of farmers of modest means in Cantal. His parents were teachers. He taught literature at the lycée Henri IV in Paris. In 1956, he was appointed the bank's general manager, a position that he held until 1962. He served as prime minister of France under de Charles Gaulle from 14 April 1962 to 10 July 1968. After the failure of the 1969 constitutional referendum, de Gaulle resigned and Pompidou was elected president of France. In the general election of 15 June 1969, he defeated the centrist President of the Senate and Acting President Alain Poher by a wide margin (58% to 42%).

Georges Pompidou and his wife Claude in 1973

While still in office, Pompidou died on 2 April 1974. He was was buried on 4 April, in the churchyard of Orvilliers. The official memorial service for him was held at Notre-Dame de Paris with 3,000 dignitaries in attendance (including 28 heads of state and representatives from 82 countries).

Attendees included:

  • United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim
  • UNESCO Director General René Maheu
  • European Union President of the European Commission Jean Rey
  • NATO Secretary General Joseph Luns
  • France (Interim) President Alain Poher
  • United States President Richard Nixon
  • Canada Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
  • United Kingdom Prime Minister Harold Wilson and predecessor Edward Heath
  • West Germany Chancellor Willy Brandt
  • East Germany President Manfred Gerlach
  • Austria Chancellor Bruno Kreisky
  • Switzerland President Hans-Peter Tschudi
  • Morocco King Hassan II
  • Belgium King Baudouin
  • Netherlands Queen Juliana
  • Ethiopia Emperor Haile Selassie
  • Tunisia President Habib Bourguiba
  • Italy President Giovanni Leone
  • Turkey Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit
  • Finland President Urho Kekkonen
  • Soviet Union President Nikolai Podgorny
  • Yugoslavia Prime Minister Petar Stambolić
  • Czechoslovakia President Gustáv Husák
  • Denmark Prime Minister Poul Hartling
  • Sweden Prime Minister Olof Palme
  • Portugal President of Portugal Américo Tomás
  • Spain Crown Prince Juan Carlos I of Spain
  • Monaco Prince Rainier III
  • Luxembourg Grand Duke Jean
  • Japan Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka[16]
  • South Korea Prime Minister Kim Jong-pil[17]
  • North Vietnam Foreign Minister Nguyễn Duy Trinh
  • South Vietnam President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu