Sunday 24 January 2021

1968, Designs: cars, furniture, electronics, clothes II

Pininfarina BLMC 1100
- Designed by Paolo Martin at Pininfarina, Turin, Italy, 1968
Produced by Pininfarina, Turin, Italy, 1968
- Based on the Austin/
Morris 1100 (BMC ADO16) with the same 1098 cc L4 engine
- Unveiled at the 196
8 “Salone dell'Automobile di Torino”, Turin, Italy

Pininfarina BLMC 1100
Pininfarina BLMC 1100
Pininfarina BLMC 1100

Triumph TR5 Ginevra
- Designed and produced by Giovanni Michelotti at Michelotti, Turin, Italy, 1968
- Based on the the
Triumph TR5 with a 2-litre L6 Triumph engine (not the TR5 2.5-litre engine)
- Unveiled at the 196
8 Geneva Motor Show

Triumph TR5 Ginevra
Triumph TR5 Ginevra
Triumph TR5 Ginevra

Ovalia easy chair
- Designed by Henrik Thor-Larsen, Denmark, 1968
- Manufactured by
Torlan, Staffanstorp, Sweden, 1968
- White polyester, reinforced with Fiberglas, cast aluminium,
nylon fabric

Ovalia easy chair
Ovalia easy chair

Asteroid Lamp
- Designed by Ettore Sottsass, Italy, 1968
- Manufactured by Poltronova,
Italy, 1968
Floor lamp

Asteroid Lamp
Asteroid Lamp
Discatron Tri-Combo
- Designed by Kenneth and Stanley Ward, UK, 1968
- Manufactured by Discatron Ltd, Birmingham, U
k, 1968
- Portable radio, record and tape player

Discatron Tri-Combo
Discatron Tri-Combo

1960’s Volvo adverts

Volvo 142/144, 1968

Volvo 142/144, 1968
Volvo 122S (Amazon), 1965
Volvo 122S (Amazon), 1960's
Volvo 122S (Amazon), P544 and P1800, 1963
Volvo P1800, 1963

Tuesday 12 January 2021

1967, Car Spotting: Rademarkt Groningen, Netherlands

First row
Opel Rekord A, Renault 4, Volvo Amazon, Ford Taunus 17M/20M (P5), Opel Rekord P2, Ford Taunus 12M (P4, aka Ford Cardinal), Auto Union 1000, Opel Olympia Rekord.

Second row
Ford Cortina Mk I.

Third row
Opel Blitz,
and a real mystery car who can identify it? I don’t think it is American, British, French or German… Maybe it is Japanese?

Saturday 9 January 2021

1966, Belgian Comics: PATS N° 212

On November 22, 1966 issue 212 of the youth magazine "PATS" ("De Vrolijke Kinderkrant") ("The Cheerful Children's Newspaper") is published in the Nieuwsblad / De Standaard. "PATS" was a weekly children's supplement with the Flemish daily newspapers “Het Nieuwsblad and “De Standaard”. It appeared from 1962 to February 27, 1974 under the name "Pats". In 1974 it was given the name "Patskrant" and in 1977 it was renamed as the "Stipkrant" until the magazine was finally closed in 2000.

PATS N° 212

  • "PATS" by Willy Vandersteen
  • "De Avonturen van Bébé, Gogo en Dada Bram": "Raketten in de melk" ("Rockets in Milk") by Hugo (Hugo de Reymaeker) and Carl Ley (Karel Verleyen)
  • "Suske en Wiske ": "Het Eiland Amoras" ("The Island of Amoras") by Willy Vandersteen
  • "De Avonturen van Piet Fluwijn en Bolleke" by Hugo (Hugo de Reymaeker)
  • "De Familie Snoek" ("The Family Pike") by Studio Vandersteen
  • "Fideel de Fluwelen Ridder" (“Fideel the Velvet Knight”) by GoT (Gommaar Timmermans)
  • "Karl May": "De Woudlopers" ("The Forest Runners") by Studio Vandersteen
  • "De tweehoofdige gevlekte filodendron" ("The two-headed spotted filodendron") by GoT (Gommaar Timmermans)
  • "De Lustige Kapoentjes" by Hugo (Hugo de Reymaeker)

De Avonturen van Bébé, Gogo en Dada Bram:
Raketten in de melk
Suske en Wiske : Het Eiland Amoras
De Avonturen van Piet Fluwijn en Bolleke
De Familie Snoek
Fideel de Fluwelen Ridder
Karl May: De Woudlopers
De tweehoofdige gevlekte filodendron
De Lustige Kapoentjes


  • "Bartelomeus" by unknown
  • "Katoke" by W. Peleman (Wies Peleman)


Short stories

  • "Beroemde mannen: Johann Sebastian Bach" ("Famous Men: Johann Sebastian Bach") by A. De Bruyn
  • "De heksen van Radoena" ("The Witches of Raduna") by Gerda van Cleemput
  • "Op bezoek bij grootmoeder" ("Visiting grandmother") by R. Uyen - de Hond
  • "KLING en de leeuw die kiespijn had" ("KLING and the lion that had a toothache") by Darte (Karel Verleyen)
  • "Een slaapkastje voor vogeltjes" ("A sleeping locker for birds") by unknown
  • "De kleine klokkenmaker"("The little clockmaker") by R. Uyen - de Hond

Beroemde mannen: Johann Sebastian Bach
De heksen van Radoena
Op bezoek bij grootmoeder
KLING en de leeuw die kiespijn had
Een slaapkastje voor vogeltjes
De kleine klokkenmaker

Weekly section

  • "Tim Trotter achter het ijzeren gordijn" ("Tim Trotter behind the iron curtain") by Tim
  • "Uit het dagboek van Pietje Pennewip" ("From the diary of Pietje Pennewip") by unknown
  • "Een briefje van Pats" ("A note from Pats") by Pats

Tim Trotter achter het ijzeren gordijn
Uit het dagboek van Pietje Pennewip
Een briefje van Pats


  • Drawing by Hildeberte De Dobbeleer
  • Drawing by Bernadine Haers
  • Drawing by Daniëlle Rombauts
  • Drawings by Jan Daems

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