Tuesday, 13 March 2012

1977, Music: Baccara

The Spanish female duo Baccara had two hits in 1977, "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie", which reached number one across much of Europe and a successful follow-up "Sorry, I'm a Lady".

Baccara was formed in 1977 by Spanish artists Mayte Mateos and María Mendiola. Mayte Mateos, a graduated teacher from the Royal Spanish Academy for Arts, Drama and Dance in Madrid met Maria Mendiola at the Spanish Television's Ballet Company. In 1976 the two left the Ballet Company and formed the variety act “Venus”. The duo were spotted by Leon Deane, manager of the German subsidiary of record company RCA. He invited them to Hamburg where they met Dutch producer/composer Rolf Soja. Soja was the driving force behind Baccara. He developed their stage performance, recruited their instrumental support, and wrote together with Frank Dostal their first single "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie".

In 1978 their song "Parlez-vous français?" was selected as Luxembourg's entry in that year's Eurovision Song Contest. The duo finished in 7th place.

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  1. I most certainly remember "i can boogie" - it was pretty rare in these parts, but known nonetheless (the Antipodeans!)