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1973, Cars: Car of the Year, Audi 80

The Audi 80 won the Car of the year award in 1973 with 114 points. Audi still just a parallel manufacturer to VW, launched its 80 in 1972, almost one year earlier than its counterpart, the Passat (B1 platform). A close second with 109 points was the compact Renault 5. The Alfa Romeo Alfetta was third with 95 points.

Audi 80 L

Audi 80 GL

The 80 succeeded the Audi F103 produced by Volkswagen AG from 1965-1972, the first car with Audi label since WW II. Volkswagen acquired Auto Union AG (Audi – DKW – Horch – Wanderer) from Daimler-Benz AG in 1964 and dropped the DKW name in favour of the Audi label.

second place: Renault 5

The Audi 80 was available as either a two-door or a four-door saloon with a choice of two petrol engines, 1.3- and 1.5-litre L4. In certain markets a five-door "Avant" (estate) was offered, effectively a re-badged Volkswagen Passat with Audi front panels.

third place: Alfa Romeo Alfetta

The Audi 80 with B1 platform was dropped from the European market in 1978, after a production of 1,103,766 units.
Advertisment 1973 (German)
Advertisment 1973 (German)
 Brochure 1972 (Finland)

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