Wednesday 28 September 2022

1970, Car Spotting: Kioskplaats, Hoboken, Belgium

Left to right

First row, front to back
Recognisable are a Mercedes-Benz W114/W115, a Renault Goélette, a Volkswagen 1200/1300 (Type 1, Beetle) and a Citroën 2 CV.

Second row, front to back
Fiat 850, Citroën HY.

Third row, front to back
Ford Anglia Sportsman (105E), Ford Taunus 17M (P3), DAF 55, Austin Cambridge (A60) or Morris Oxford series VI or Wolseley 16/60, NSU 1000 or 1200, Simca 1100, Mercedes-Benz W110 Kombi, Ford Anglia (105E), unidentified car probably DAF, Volkswagen 1600 Variant (Type 3), unidentified car, unidentified car, Citroën 2CV, Ford Taunus 12M (P4), Volkswagen 1200/1300 (Type 1, Beetle), Volkswagen 1600TL (Fastback, Type 3), unidentified car probably Fiat, Renault Dauphine, Volkswagen 1200/1300 (Type 1, Beetle), unidentified car probably Opel Rekord, unidentified car, unidentified car, Renault 4, the rest is unidentifiable.

Fourth row, front to back
Fiat 600, unidentified car, Peugeot 504, unidentified car, unidentified car.

Fifth row, front to back
Ford Anglia (105E), Volkswagen 1600 (Notchback, Type 3), Peugeot 404, Volkswagen 1600 (Type 3), Peugeot 404 Break.

Sixth row, front to back
Ford Escort (Mk I), Ford Transit (Mk I), Citroën 2 CV, Simca 1301/1501, Opel Kadett B, Ford Taunus 12M (P4), Ford Taunus 17M/20M (P5), Renault 4, unidentified car, Triumph Herald or Vitesse, unidentified car probably Fiat 125, Opel Kadett A, unidentified car, unidentified car, Ford (Taunus) 12M/15M (P6), Opel Kadett B Coupé, Austin/Morris Mini, the rest is unidentifiable.

Seventh row, front to back
Austin/Morris 110/1300, DAF 33, the rest is unidentifiable.

Monday 26 September 2022

1969, Belgian Comics: "Suske en Wiske", "De briesende bruid"

In 1969 the new "Suske en Wiske" (UK: "Bob & Bobette" or "Spike and Suzy", US: "Willy and Wanda") album "De briesende bruid" ("The roaring bride") is published. The series “Suske en Wiske” was created by Willy Vandersteen in 1945.

No 92: "De briesende bruid"
- four-coloured
- first published in 1969 by "Standaard Uitgeverij"
- never published in English
- story and drawings by Willy Vandersteen
- pre-publication in "De Standaard" and "Het Nieuwsblad"

The story was pre-published in the newspapers "De Standaard" and "Het Nieuwsblad" from 9 September 1968 to 17 January 1969. The main characters are Suske (Spike), Wiske (Suzy), aunt Sidonia, Lambik (Ambrose), Jerom (Jethro), Professor Barabas, Fred van Telramund, King Henderik, the Swan Knight (Lohengrin), Bluebeard, Anna and her two brothers, Diana and her father vader, Sheik El Rui-Genteen, Sheik El Plé-Buij, Bagdada (horse), Anthony Fokker, Snobiënski, Fé Holksong and Willy Vandersteen.

Anna's brothers
Anthony Fokker and Sidonia
Professor Barabas
Fred van Telramund
Fé Holksong

When Sidonia receives a phone call from the angel Amor, a world full of love opens up for her. She travels through time to meet knights, sheikhs, noblemen and soldiers in the hope that she can marry one of them. But eventually she falls in love with the singer Fé Holksong. Will it come to a marriage or will someone put a stop to it?

King Henderik and Sidonia
Lambik (Ambrose) and Jerom (Jethro)
Lode Craeybeckx, Sidonia and Fé Holksong
Sidonia and Anna
Sidonia, Diana and her father
Sidonia and Sheik El Plé-Buij


  • Amor, which Sidonia calls, is the Greek god of love.
  • The story of the Knight of the Swan, or Swan Knight, is a medieval tale about a mysterious rescuer who comes in a swan-drawn boat to defend a damsel, his only condition being that he must never be asked his name.
  • Bluebeard is a French folktale, the most famous surviving version of which was written by Charles Perrault.
  • Sheik El Plé-Buij is a caricature of Rudolph Valentino in the film The Sheik. His name is a pun on playboy.
  • The horse Baghdada is a pun on the Iraqi capital Baghdad.
  • The Dutch pilot Anthony Fokker plays an important role in this story.
  • Willy Vandersteen has a cameo in the last four strips.
  • Antwerp Mayor Lode Craeybeckx has a cameo at Sidonia’s wedding. Craeybeckx served as mayor of Antwerp (Belgium) from 1947 until his death in 1976,
Wiske (Suzy) and Suske (Spike)
Sidonia, Sheik El Rui-Genteen and Bagdada
Snobiënski and Sidonia
the Swan Knight (Lohengrin)
Willy Vandersteen
Wiske (Suzy)


  • Ford Fairlane 4-door sedan (1968)
  • Two unidentified cars
Unidentified car
Ford Fairlane 4-door sedan (1968)
Unidentified car

Saturday 3 September 2022

1968, Car Spotting: Zandstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Parked in the back, left to right
Unidentified car, Ford Taunus 17M/20M (P5), Ford Taunus 17M/20M (P5), Volkswagen 1200/1300 (Type 1, Beetle), Renault 4, unidentified car probably Simca 1100/1500.

Left row, front to back
NSU Prinz 4, Renault 4CV, Renault 4, Opel Rekord A.

Right row, front to back
Ford Taunus 12M (P4), Ford (Consul) Corsair, Renault Estafette, Ford Taunus 12M (P4), unidentified car.