Saturday, 14 January 2017

1961, Music: Helen Shapiro

In 1961, aged fourteen, the English singer Helen Shapiro, full name Helen Kate Shapiro (born 28 September 1946), scored 2 number 1 hits in the UK charts: "You Don't Know" and "Walkin' Back to Happiness".

Helen Shapiro was born in Bethnal Green, London. She attended Northwold Primary School and Clapton Park Comprehensive School. Her grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants. The family was too poor to buy a record player but Shapiro's parents encouraged a musical education. Helen played banjo and sang occasionally with her brother Ron in his skiffle group. At the age of ten she sang in the band "Susie and the Hula Hoops," a school band with her cousin Susan Singer and Marc Feld (the later "T. Rex" Marc Bolan). Aged 13 she followed singing lessons at “The Maurice Burman School of Modern Pop Singing” in London.
The Beatles, Helen Shapiro, Dusty Springfield, Eden Kane
and Keith Fordyce on the set of Ready Steady Go! (ITV, 1963)
Single "You Don't Know" (1961)
Single "Walkin' Back to Happiness" (1961)
In 1961, her first single "Don't Treat Me Like a Child", reached No. 3 in the UK charts. In 1962, aged fifteen she was voted Britain's "Top Female Singer". One of the supporting acts during her late winter/early spring tour of 1963, were "The Beatles". During this tour "The Beatles" had their first hit single.

"You Don't Know" (1961)

"Walkin' Back to Happiness" (1961)

Helen Shapiro performing "Look Who It Is" on "Ready Steady Go!" with "The Beatles"

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

1960, News: Earthquake in Agadir, Morocco

On the intercalary day February 29, 1960 at 23:40 local time the Moroccan city Agadir was hit by a earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 on the Richter scale. In less than 15 seconds about 15,000 people, a third of the city's population were killed, and another 12,000 were injured. Although not a very strong earthquake, yet there was a large number of casualties due to the fact that the center of the earthquake was located directly under the city.
Agadir, Kasbah (1960)
Agadir, quartier de Founti (1960)
Agadir, quartier de Talbordjt (1960)
The first rescue workers were French marines from the aircraft carrier La Fayette and Moroccan military. But also Dutch, American and Spanish teams arrived shortly after on the scene. After two days of rescue work the city was evacuated in order to avoid the spread of disease. Calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) and DDT were sprayed over the ruins from lorries and helicopters to control disease and kill the swarms of flies which were attracted to the scene. Afterwards the devastated districts were razed to the ground using bulldozers. Thousands of victims were not salvaged, but found their grave at the site of the disaster.
Agadir, hotel Gautier (1960)

Movietone (1960)

Sunday, 8 January 2017

1977, Belgian comics: “Piet Pienter en Bert Bibber”

In 1977 the 33th "Piet Pienter en Bert Bibber" album "Gedonder in Bommelheide" (translation: "Trouble in Bommelheide") is published. The series "Piet Pienter en Bert Bibber" was created by Pom alias Jozef Van Hove in 1950.

No 33 "Gedonder in Bommelheide"
  • black and white
  • publisher: De Vlijt
  • never published in English
  • story and drawings by Pom (Jozef Van Hove)
  • pre-publication in "Gazet van Antwerpen"
No 33 "Gedonder in Bommelheide"
The story was pre-published in the newspaper "Gazet van Antwerpen" (03/09/1977 - 19/12/1977). The main characters are Piet Pienter, Bert Bibber, Susan, Professor Kumulus, Stanske, Knobbel, gendarmerie commander, Hilarius Warwinkel, Mrs. Klakson, Theo Flitser, Marlon Brandy (American agent), Tsang Lao Ping (Chinese agent) and Russians agents.
Bert Bibber, Susan and Piet Pienter
The Russian agents and Marlon Brandy, the American agent
Piet Pienter, Susan and Theo Flitser
Gendarmerie Commander
Piet Pienter, Professor Kumulus, Hilarius Warwinkel, Susan
and Bert Bibber
Hilarius Warwinkel has discovered a new paralyzing gas. In no time the peaceful village of Bommelheide is overwhelmed by foreigners. Americans, Chinese and Russians want to grab his invention …
Bert Bibber, Susan, Mrs. Klakson, Piet Pienter and Professor Kumulus
Professor Kumulus, Knobbel, two constibles and Stanske
Professor Kumulus, Susan and Bert Bibber
The Russian agents
Tsang Lao Ping (the Chinese agent) and Susan
  • The American secret agent Marlon Brandy is a reference to American actor Marlon Brando.
  • The advertising panel with "Ook Rik Van Steenlooy verkiest Ulstrasoft" is a reference to Belgian cyclists Rik Van Steenbergen en Rik Van Looy.
Reference to Belgian cyclists Rik Van Steenbergen en Rik Van Looy

  • Ford Taunus 20M (P7b)
  • Mercedes-Benz 200 (W114)
  • Volkswagen 1200 (Beetle +/- 1962)
  • Volkswagen 1300/1500 (Beetle +/- 1970)
  • Citroën 2CV typ AK
  • unknown truck probably based on the Bedford TK
  • Citroën 2CV
  • Volkswagen T2a
  • Ford Taunus Transit (FK1000 / FK1250)
Unknown truck and Citroën 2CV typ AK
Citroën 2CV and Volkswagen T2a
Ford Taunus Transit (FK1000 / FK1250)
Ford Taunus 20M (P7b)
Mercedes-Benz 200 (W114)
Volkswagen 1200 (Beetle +/- 1962)
Volkswagen 1300/1500 (Beetle +/- 1970)

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

1976: Film: “L'Aile ou la cuisse”

The French comedy film "L'aile ou la cuisse" (English title: "The Wing or Thigh?") is released on 27 October 1976. The film directed and written by Claude Zidi, stars Louis de Funès, Coluche, Ann Zacharias, Julien Guiomar and Claude Gensac. "L'aile ou la cuisse" is the first film with Louis de Funès after having suffered a double heart attack in 1975. The film is a satire and parody on the difference between "the traditional and quality French gastronomy" and "The American" junk food.

Charles Duchemin (Louis de Funès) is a famous gourmet and editor of an internationally known restaurant guide. In his never ending war against the junk food company Tricatel, owned by Jacques Tricatel (Julien Guiomar), he agrees to appear on a television show to show his skills in food and wine tasting. Soon after Charles is confronted with two disasters: his son, while in training as a gourmet, wants to become a clown in a circus and he himself lost his taste...
Louis de Funès as Charles Duchemin
Coluche as Gérard Duchemin and Louis de Funès as Charles Duchemin
Main cast
  • Louis de Funès as Charles Duchemin
  • Coluche as Gérard Duchemin
  • Ann Zacharias as Marguerite #2
  • Julien Guiomar as Jacques Tricatel
  • Claude Gensac as Marguerite #1
  • Georges Chamarat Dean of Academicians
  • Jean Martin as Doctor
  • Fernand Guiot as Dubreuil
  • Gérard Boucaron as Ficelle
  • Raymond Bussières as Henri
  • Philippe Bouvard as himself
Ann Zacharias as Marguerite, Coluche as Gérard Duchemin
and Louis de Funès as Charles Duchemin
Julien Guiomar as Jacques Tricatel, Philippe Bouvard as himself,
Coluche as Gérard Duchemin and Louis de Funès as Charles Duchemin
  • Louis de Funès insisted that the posters should announce "LOUIS De FUNES / COLUCHE" above the title, at first the company would only announce "Louis de Funès" above the title.
  • The "Duchemin Guide" is a reference to the "Michelin Guide".
  • Jacques Tricatel is based on Jacques Borel, the king of French junk food motorway restaurants in the 1970s.
Louis de Funès as Charles Duchemin
  • Golden Screen, Germany (1978) 
"L'Aile ou la cuisse", Trailer

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

1975: Car spotting: Aalst, Statieplein

Left to right:
Volkswagen T2a, Renault 16, Opel Kadett B 2-door Limousine, Opel Kadett B 2-door Fastback, Toyota Corolla E20, Vauxhall Viva HB, unknown car.

Monday, 26 December 2016

1974: Music / Television: “Top à Claude François”

On 14 September 1974 the "Deuxième chaîne couleur de l'ORTF" (now France 2) broadcasts the third "Top a Claude François" show. The first two shows were broadcast on 20 January 1973 and 19 January 1974.

The television show "Top à ...", created and produced by Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier, focused
each time on a different host, singing, dancing and playing sketches with artist friends. Some of the artists were Charles Aznavour, Petula Clark, Joe Dassin, Sacha Distel, Jacques Dutronc, Claude François, Johnny Hallyday, Mireille Mathieu, Michel Sardou, Sylvie Vartan and many others. At peaks the show had more than 15 million viewers and was broadcast in 20 countries around the world. A total of 54 shows were produced from 1 April 1972 to 2 December 1974.
Claude François, Dani and Michel Sardou
Claude François, Dani, Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier
In this "Top à Claude François" the stars, in order of appearance, were Claude François, Michel Sardou, Dani, The Rubettes, Coluche, Alain Chamfort, France Gall, The Rolling Stones (video), and Gilbert Becaud.
Claude François and Gilbert Becaud during rehearsals
Claude François and France Gall during rehearsals
Claude François and France Gall during rehearsals
  • Claude François with "Je suis le mal aimé". Michel Sardou sings along with the refrain.
  • Claude François and Michel Sardou perform a potpourri and chat together between the songs: "J'habite en France", "Sha la la la", "Et Mourir de plaisir", "Le Lundi au soleil", "La Maladie d'amour" and "Je veux l'épouser pour un soir".
  • Michel Sardou with "Je veux l'épouser pour un soir".
  • Dani with "La vie à vingt cinq ans". Claude François sings along with the refrain.
  • The Rubettes with "Sugar baby love".
  • Claude François and a little girl with "Le téléphone pleure".
  • Coluche with the sketch "C'est l'histoire d'un mec" (sur le Pont de l'Alma).
  • Alain Chamfort with "Adieu mon bébé chanteur".
  • France Gall with "La Déclaration d'amour".
  • Superb duet between Claude François and France Gall: France sings excerpts of "Ne sois pas si bête", "Laisse tomber les filles", "Poupée de cire, poupée de son" et "Sacré Charlemagne". Claude Claude sings excerpts from "Pauvre petite fille riche", "J'y pense et puis j'oublie", "Les Choses de la maison". Between the songs they chat.
  • Claude François and the Claudettes/Clodettes with "Une chanson populaire".
  • Claude François sings the refrain of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and presents a video with The Rolling Stones singing "It's only rock'n roll".
  • Potpourri between Claude François and Gilbert Becaud, they sing excerpts of "La solitude ça n'existe pas", "Viens à la maison", "Saturday night", “Ein bißchen Glück und Zärtlichkeit” (German version of “Un peu d'amour et d'amitié”), "Le Jour où la pluie viendra", "Quand tu danses", "L'important c'est la rose", "Comme d'habitude" and "Et maintenant".
  • Gilbert Becaud with "L'Hirondelle".
  • Claude François and the Claudettes/Clodettes with "La Musique américaine"
  • Claude François with "Le mal-aimé".
Claude François and France Gall during rehearsals
Claude François and France Gall during rehearsals
  • Claude François died on 11 March 1978, aged 39.
  • Claude François and France Gall had a relationship between 1964 and 1967, after the breakup he wrote the song "Comme d'habitude" ("As Usual") with France Gall in his mind. The song was reworked in 1968 by Paul Anka as "My Way" for Frank Sinatra.
  • This is the only time Claude François and France Gall sang together.
  • "La Déclaration d'amour" was the first France Gall song written by Michel Berger, Gall and Berger married in 1976. 

"Top à Claude François": duet Claude François and France Gall

"Top à Claude François": France Gall with "La Déclaration d'amour"

"Top à Claude François": Gilbert Becaud and Claude François

"Top à Claude François": Claude François with "Le téléphone pleure"

Saturday, 24 December 2016

1973, Belgian Comics: “De belevenissen van Jommeke” “De vruchtenmakers”

In 1973 a new "De belevenissen van Jommeke" (translation: "The Adventures of Jommeke") album is published: "De vruchtenmakers" (translation: "The Fruit Makers"). The comic series was created by Jef Nys in 1955, it was first published in "Kerkelijk Leven" (translation: "Religious Life"). In 1959 the first full length adventure appeared in the newspaper "Het Volk". After the bankrupcy of "Het Volk" in 2010, the stories were published in the newspapers "Het Nieuwsblad", "De Gentenaar" and "De Standaard". The main character is "Jommeke", an 11-year-old boy.
No 56 "De vruchtenmakers"
No 56: "De vruchtenmakers"
  • black and white
  • story and drawings by Jef Nys
  • published by "Het Volk"
  • republished in colour, 1980 by "Het Volk"
The main characters in this story are Jommeke, Flip (his parrot), Filiberke (his best friend), Theofiel (his father), Marie (his mother), professor Gobelijn, Annemieke, Rozemieke, and Choco.
Choko and Rozemieke or Annemieke
Filiberke, Flip and Jommeke
Marie (Jommeke's mother) plants a palm tree in her garden, but Filiberke (Jommeke's best friend) cuts it accidentally down. To restore the tree Jommeke calls the help of Professor Gobelijn. The professor discovers a timber growing substance...
Flip, Jommeke, Annemieke and Rozemieke
Professor Gobelijn, Jommeke and Flip
  • Jommeke has been translated into French as "Gil et Jo", in English as "Jeremy and Frankie", in German as "Peter und Alexander" and in Swedish as "Peter och Alexander".
  • The name of the main character "Jommeke" is based on a folk figure from Wilrijk (near Antwerp), the village where Jef Nys lived. 
Jommeke, Flip, Theofiel and Marie