Monday, 1 May 2017

1977, Car Spotting: Arnhem, Gele Rijdersplein

From left to right
First row (parked), front to back:
MGB, Volkswagen 1200/1300 (Type 1, Beetle), Citroën Ami 6, Citroën Type H Van, wrongly parked car probably Simca 1100 Fourgonnette FV2
Second row (traffic), front to back:
Mazda 323 (Familia FA4), Datsun Sunny (B110), Simca 1100, Opel Kadett B, Citroën 2CV, Fiat 124 or Lada 1200/1300 (VAZ-2101), Alfa Romeo Alfasud, Opel Kadett C, unidentified dark coloured car, Volkswagen 1200/1300 (Type 1, Beetle), unidentified light coloured car probably Opel or Vauxhall, unidentified car, Ford Escort Mk II, unknown bus probably Daf or Leyland, Citroën Dyane...
Third row (traffic), front to back:
Volkswagen Golf I (Type 17), Renault R4, BMW 3-series (E21), unidentified truck probably DAF 2600, Fiat 126, Volkswagen T1 or T2a, unidentified light coloured car, Ford Escort Mk I, Fiat 128, Peugeot 304, unidentified car probably Ford,...
Fourth row (traffic), front to back:
Citroën GS Break, Opel Kadett B, Simca 1100, Honda Civic, Volkswagen T2b,...
Fifth row (parked), front to back:
Opel Kadett Caravan B (behind is a Opel Record C), Citroën Ami 8 Break, Simca 1307 (in front is a Ford Zephyr/Zodiac Mk IV), unidentified van probably Daf 33 estate, unidentified bus, Mercedes-Benz W114 or W116, unidentified light coloured car, Citroën Dyane, Fiat 127
Sixth row (parked, right of the Citroën GS Break):
Citroën 2CV, Simca 1100, Simca 1100 Break, Peugeot 504
Seventh row (parked, right of the Opel Kadett B Caravan):
Volkswagen 1200 (Type 1, Beetle), Volvo Amazon (series 120), after that it's getting very blurry, there is one light coloured Mercedes-Benz W116,...
Eight row:
Only the first car is identifiable: Opel Kadett C City
Ninth row (in front of the Opel Kadett C City):
Renault R4


  1. The light colored car bottom left is a VW Golf.

    1. Thanks for the information Asgeir! The page has been updated.

  2. Amazing how new most of the cars are in this photo from 1977. Hardly any car from the 60s, except the Volvo Amazon!

    1. Several cars originate from the 60's or earlier:
      Citroën 2CV (1948-1990)
      Citroën Ami 6 (1961-1969)
      Citroën Type H (1948-1981)
      Fiat 124 (1966-1974)
      Ford Escort Mk I (1968-1975)
      Ford Zephyr/Zodiac Mk IV (1966-1972)
      MGB (1962-1980)
      Opel Kadett B (1965-1973)
      Opel Rekord C (1966-1971)
      Renault R4 (1961-1992)
      Simca 1100 (1967-1981)
      Volkswagen Beetle (1949-2003)
      Volkswagen T2a (1967-1971)
      Volvo Amazon (1956-1970)

      The newest model, introduced in 1977, is the Mazda 323...

  3. Many originate from the 60s, but almost all of them continued production into the 70s. I believe most of those cars in the picture are 70s cars, by the look of it.