Friday, 10 May 2013

1970, Cars: Alfa Romeo Montreal

The Alfa Romeo Montreal was introduced as a concept car in 1967 at Expo 67, held in Montreal, Canada, the first production car was shown at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. The chassis and running gear were taken from the Giulia GTV coupé and comprised double wishbone suspension with coil springs and dampers at the front and a live axle with limited slip differential at the rear. The car has a 147 kW V8 2,593 cc engine with a top speed of 220 km/h (137 mph).
Alfa Romeo Montreal Prototype (1967)
Alfa Romeo Montreal at the Geneva Motor Show (1970)
The car is designed by Bertone designers Marcello Gandini and Paolo Martin. The most eye catching design feature is the car's front end with four headlamps partly covered by unusual "grilles", that retract when the lights are switched on. Another stylistic element are the slats behind the doors containing the cabin vents. The Montreal was discontinued in 1977, by then a total of 3925 Montreals were build.
Alfa Romeo Montreal Side View
Alfa Romeo Montreal Front View
Alfa Romeo Montreal Tail View

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