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1972, Television: “The Adventures of Black Beauty”

17 September 1972, the British children's television series "The Adventures of Black Beauty" premieres on ITV. The series produced by "London Weekend Television" and "Talbot Television", was based on the classic novel "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell featuring new characters created by Ted Willis. Main stars were Judi Bowker, Roderick Shaw, William Lucas and Charlotte Mitchell. The musical theme was written by Denis King. A total of 52 episodes were filmed in 2 seasons. (1972 – 1974)

Widower Dr. James Gordon (William Lucas) moves with his two children Vicky (Judi Bowker) and Kevin (Roderick Shaw) from Victorian London to the village of Five Oaks. A black horse escapes from a dealer and is found by Vicky. James Gordon treats the horse's illness and refuses to surrender him until he's well. Vicky, names the horse "Black Beauty". The owner, Mr. Ryder (Denis Carey) agrees to let the horse stay a few days before he takes him back to be sold. When Mr. Ryder falls ill Dr. Gordon speedly drives "Black Beauty" to save his life...
Left to right: Judi Bowker (Vicky Gordon), William Lucas (Dr. James Gordon),
Roderick Shaw (Kevin Gordon) and Charlotte Mitchell (Amy Winthrop)

William Lucas (Dr. James Gordon)
Judi Bowker (Vicky Gordon)
Judi Bowker (Vicky Gordon) and Roderick Shaw (Kevin Gordon)
"Black Beauty" and Judi Bowker (Vicky Gordon)
"Black Beauty" and Stacy Dorning (Jenny Gordon)
Main Cast
  • William Lucas as Dr. James Gordon
  • Charlotte Mitchell as Amy Winthrop
  • Roderick Shaw as Kevin Gordon
  • Michael Culver as Squire Armstrong
  • Judi Bowker as Vicky Gordon (1972–1973)
  • Stacy Dorning as Jenny Gordon (1973–1974) 

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