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1968, Film: "Le tatoué"

The French-Italian comedy "Le tatoué" ("The Tattoo") is released 18 September 1968 in France. The film, directed by Denys de La Patellière, was written by Alphonse Boudard. Main stars are Jean Gabin as Comte Enguerand, Louis, Marie de Montignac alias Legrain and Louis de Funès as Félicien Mézeray. The musical score was composed by Georges Garvarentz.

"Le tatoué" is the fourth and last film with Jean Gabin and Louis de Funes acting together. They also starred together in "Napoléon" (1954), "La Traversée de Paris" (1956) and "Le Gentleman d'Epsom" (1962).

In an artist’s studio, wealthy art dealer Félicien Mézeray (Louis de Funès) sees the old soldier Legrain (Jean Gabin), whose back has a tattoo by Modigliani. Without telling Legrain, Mézaray sells the tattoo to two American dealers. It turns out that Legrain is the last and extremely eccentric Count de Montignac...
Jean Gabin and Louis de Funès
Paul Mercey, Louis de Funès and Jean Gabin
Jean Gabin and Louis de Funès
Main Cast
  • Jean Gabin as Comte Enguerand - Louis Marie de Montignac aka Legrain
  • Louis de Funès as Félicien Mézeray
  • Paul Mercey as Pellot
  • Yves Barsacq as Le postier
  • Pierre Tornade as Le brigadier
  • Jean-Pierre Darras as Lucien
  • Joe Warfield as Larsen
  • Donald J. von Kurtz as Smith
  • Lyne Chardonnet as Valérie Mézeray
  • Ibrahim Seck as Butler

"Le tatoué" Trailer

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