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1961, Cars: Simca 1000

The new Simca 1000 ("Simca Mille" in French) is unveiled on October 10th at the Paris Motor Show by the French automaker Simca. Initially the car was offered in three colours (red/rouge tison, egg-shell blue/bleu pervenche or off-white/gris-princesse). The car was designed by the Italian Mario Boano who also worked for Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Ferrari and Volkswagen (the Karmann Ghia).

The car used the RR layout (rear-drive / rear engine), with a brand-new inline-four water-cooled "Poissy engine" of 944 cc. The interior was spacious for a small car, although the luggage compartment under the front hood offered only limited space.
Simca 1000 at the Paris Motor Show (1961)
Simca 1000 (1963)
Simca 1000 (1963)
The original 944cc engine was used from 1961 until the end of production in 1978. From 1962 until 1968 the 1000 also used the Simca 315 version of the engine with a power output of 45 bhp SAE, it gave the car a top speed of 121 km/h.
Simca-Abarth (1963)
From 1964 until 1966 Italian tuner Abarth offered modified versions of the 1000, the Simca-Abarth. From 1970 on Simca itself offered a "Rallye" version of the 1000. The Rallye was followed by the Rallye 1, the Rallye 2 and the Rallye 3.
Simca 1000 (1969)
Simca 1000 (1969)
In 1969 the 1000 had a minor facelift with redesigned bumpers, bigger headlamps, and square taillights.
Simca 1000 Rallye 1
Simca 1000 Rallye 2
Simca 1000 Rallye 3
In 1977, the model, now called 1005/1006, was revised for the last time gaining square headlights. Production stopped in 1978 without a replacement.
Simca 1005 (1977)

Simca 1000 LS German advert 1970

Simca 1000 GLS Spanish advert 1972
Brochure Simca 1000 Netherlands (1963)
Brochure Simca 1005 Netherlands (1978)
Brochure Simca Rallye 1 France (1970)
Brochure Simca Rallye 2 France (1973)

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