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1962, Film: “Cartouche”

The French-Italian action-comedy "Cartouche" ("Swords of Blood") is released on 7 March 1962 in France. The film, directed by Philippe de Broca, stars Jean-Paul Belmondo and Claudia Cardinale. "Cartouche" was Philippe de Broca's first commercial success it was also the start of long coöperation with actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. Together they also made "L'Homme de Rio" (1964), "Les tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine" (1965), "Le Magnifique" (1973) and "L'Incorrigible" (1975).

  • Jean-Paul Belmondo performed all his own stunts.
  • The name of the villain, Lieutenant General Ferrussac, is the real name of Philippe de Broca: Philippe Claude Alex de Broca de Ferrussac.
Jean-Paul Belmondo and Claudia Cardinale
Claudia Cardinale
Jess Hahn, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Rochefort
Claudia Cardinale and Jean-Paul Belmondo
In the 18th century, Louis-Dominique de Bourguignon (Jean-Paul Belmondo) is a thief working with Malichot's (Marcel Dalio) gang. However, he does not agree with their methods so he creates his own gang, acting under the name Cartouche. He steals from the rich and distributes the takings to the poor...
Jean-Paul Belmondo and Odile Versois
Claudia Cardinale and Philippe Lemaire
Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jess Hahn
Claudia Cardinale and Jess Hahn
Main Cast
  • Jean-Paul Belmondo as Louis-Dominique Bourguignon alias Cartouche
  • Claudia Cardinale as Vénus
  • Jess Hahn as La Douceur
  • Marcel Dalio as Malichot
  • Jean Rochefort as La Taupe
  • Philippe Lemaire as Gaston de Ferrussac
  • Noël Roquevert as recruiting seargent
  • Odile Versois as Isabelle de Ferrussac
  • Jacques Charon as colonel
  • Lucien Raimbourg as maréchal
  • Jacques Balutin as Capucine
  • Pierre Repp as Marquis of Griffe
  • Jacques Hilling as hotel keeper
  • Paul Préboist as gendarme
  • René Marlic as Petit Oncle 
Claudia Cardinale

Cartouche Trailer (1962)

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