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1965, Music: The Seekers

In 1965 the Australian pop group The Seekers scored with three hit-singles in the charts: "I'll Never Find Another You", "A World of Our Own" and "The Carnival is Over". The Melbourne group was formed in 1962 by Athol George Guy on double bass, Keith Potger on guitar, Bruce Woodley on guitar and singer Judith Durham. Initially Durham only sang periodically with the Seekers when she was not performing at jazz clubs. Their debut album, “Introducing The Seekers”, was released in 1963.
The Seekers: top Athol Guy and Judith Durham, bottom Bruce Woodley and Keith Potger
In 1964 they played for a year on a cruise liner and in May the group signed with World Record Club releasing the single "Myra". After performing a concert with Dusty Springfield, they met her brother, songwriter and producer Tom Springfield, he wrote "I'll Never Find Another You". In February 1965 the song reached No. 1 in the UK and Australia, and No. 4 in the United States. "I'll Never Find Another You" was the second biggest selling single in the UK for 1965. The Seekers were the first Australian pop group to have a top 5 hit in Australia, the UK and the US.
The Seekers in 1966, from left to right, Athol Guy, Judith Durham, Keith Potger
and Bruce Woodley, with the EMI Gold record Award for "The Carnival is Over".
The Seekers: from left to right, Athol Guy, Judith Durham,
Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley
Band members
  • Judith Durham (born 3 July 1943, Essendon, Victoria, Australia)
  • Athol Guy (born 5 January 1940, Colac, Victoria, Australia)
  • Keith Potger (born 21 March 1941, Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka))
  • Bruce Woodley (born 25 July 1942, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) 

The Seekers: "I'll Never Find Another You"

The Seekers: "A World of Our Own"

The Seekers: "The Carnival is Over"

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