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1966, Television: “The Baron”

On 28 September 1966 the British television series "The Baron" premieres on ITV. The series, produced by ITC (Incorporated Television Company), was based on the books written by John Creasey under the pseudonym Anthony Morton. "The Baron" was created by Monty Berman and Robert S. Baker with theme music written by Edwin Astley. Most stories were written by Dennis Spooner and Terry Nation, some by The Avengers producer/writer Brian Clemens.

Main stars were Steve Forrest as John Mannering aka The Baron, Sue Lloyd as Cordelia Winfield, Colin Gordon as John Alexander Templeton-Green and Paul Ferris as David Marlowe. The Baron's car was a silver Jensen CV-8 Mk II with the registration BAR 1, Cordelia drove a DAF Daffodil.
Steve Forrest as John Mannering
Sue Lloyd as Cordelia Winfield
From 28 September 1966 to 19 April 1967 a total of 30 episodes were broadcast.
Steve Forrest as John Mannering with his Jensen CV-8 Mk II
Patricia Haines with Steve Forrest, Nosher Powell
and Artro Morris in the episode "Epitaph for a Hero"
American John Mannering (Steve Forrest), an antiques dealer and sometimes a undercover agent is working in an informal capacity for the head of the British Diplomatic Intelligence, Templeton-Green (Colin Gordon). He is assisted by Cordelia Winfield (Sue Lloyd) and David Marlowe (Paul Ferris)... 

The Baron Opening Credits

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