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1963, Film: “Blague dans le coin”

The French comedy "Blague dans le coin" is released 13 November 1963 in France. The film, directed by Maurice Labro, is based on the Carter Brown, pseudonym for Alan Geoffrey Yates, novel "Curtains for a Chorine" (1955). Main stars are Fernandel as Jeff Burlington, Eliane d'Almeida as Dolly Tompson and Perrette Pradier as Betty Tompson. The musical score was composed by Alain Goraguer.

Comic Jeff Burlington (Fernandel) is hired by Franck Bradford (François Maistre) for the Eldorado casino owned by Jerry Steinberg. Every night Burlington launches comical attacks against the concurrent Lippy (Roger Dutoit) casino...
Fernandel (Jeff Burlington) and Nancy Holloway (Nancy)
Fernandel (Jeff Burlington)
Eliane d'Almeida (Dolly Tompson)
Perrette Pradier (Betty Tompson)
Main Cast
  • Fernandel as Jeff Burlington, the comic
  • Eliane d'Almeida as Dolly Tompson, dancer
  • Perrette Pradier as Betty, Dolly's sister and Bradford's maitresse
  • François Maistre as Franck "Sammy" Bradford
  • Jacques Monod as Jerry Steinberg
  • Billy Kearns as Smith
  • Roger Dutoit as Lippy
  • Carl Studer as Joë Karl
Eliane d'Almeida (Dolly Tompson)
Perrette Pradier (Betty Tompson)

"Blague dans le coin" opening credits (1963)

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