Wednesday, 21 November 2012

1966, Cars: Ford Cortina Mk II

The second generation of the Cortina was launched on 18 October 1966. The new car was designed by Roy Haynes. It was shorter than the first generation but the extra width and curved side panels provided more interior space. Other improvements included a smaller turning circle, softer suspension and self-adjusting brakes. Engine-wise customers could choose between a new 1300 cc engine, a 1500 engine from the Cortina Mk I and a stripped-out 1200 cc version from the Ford Anglia Super. A Lotus version was produced but the most admired was the 1600E. The Cortina 1600E was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in October 1967. It combined the lowered Lotus Cortina's suspension with the high-tuned GT 1600 Kent engine and luxury trim featuring a walnut dashboard and door cappings, bucket seating, sports steering wheel, and full instrumentation inside, while a black grille, tail panel, front fog lights and plated Rostyle wheels featured outside.
Ford Cortina 1300
Ford Cortina Estate
Two-door and four-door saloons were offered with base, Deluxe, Super, GT and, later, 1600E trims. A few months after the introduction of the saloon versions, a four-door estate was launched, released on the UK market on 15 February 1967.
Ford Lotus Cortina
From 1966 to 1970 a total of 1,159,389 units were produced, the Mk II was succeeded by the Mk III Cortina in 1970 (Mk III Cortina = TC1 = Taunus Cortina 1).
Ford Cortina 1600E
Ford Cortina 1600E
 Brochure 1967 (Belgium)

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  1. I've never seen a Ford Cortina in person, but I've seen plenty of photos of the car. Nice looking car. It reminds me of the Datsun PL510 of the same vintage.