Friday, 28 December 2012

1974, News: Farewell Radio Veronica and Radio Nordsee International (RNI)

On 31 August 1974 the popular offshore radios Radio Veronica and Radio Noordzee broadcast for the last time. The Dutch government passed a new anti-pirate legislation and announced that the law was to come into effect on September 1, 1974.
Radio Veronica closed down at 6 PM on August 31. The station's final news bulletin was read live from the news studio on board the MV Norderney. A number of the station's directors were on board the ship during the final hour, as were many of the staff. Radio Atlantis and RNI closed on the evening of August 31.
Radio Veronica first ship, Borkum Riff (1963)
Radio Veronica second ship, MV Norderney, standed at Scheveningen after a storm (1973)
Radio Veronica second ship, MV Norderney (1974)
Radio Veronica second ship, MV Norderney, in Antwerp (2011)
Radio Veronica began broadcasting on 21 April 1960. It was set up by independent radio, TV and household electrical retailers in the Netherlands. The station announced itself as VRON (Vrije Radio Omroep Nederland; Free Radio Station of the Netherlands) but changed to Radio Veronica, after the poem "Het Zwarte Schaap Veronica" (“The Black Sheep Veronica”) by the children's poet Annie M. G. Schmidt.
Radio Noordzee schip, Mebo II

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