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1960, Cars: Opel Rekord P2

The Rekord P2 was introduced in the Summer of 1960 by the German car manufacturer Opel as a replacement for the Opel Rekord P1. It had the same wheelbase as the P1, but was nonetheless a little longer and wider.
In technical terms the car was almost identical to its predecessor, although some changes were made to improve the safety. The glove box still carried the name "Olympia", a reference to the fact that the predecessor model had been badged as the Opel Olympia Rekord till 1959, and a tribute to the original 1937 Opel Olympia.
Predecessor, Opel Olympia Rekord P1 (1959) 
In 1960 three body styles were available, a two or four door saloon, and a three door "CarAVan" station wagon. In August 1961 Opel started to build P2 coupés.
Opel Rekord P2 2-doors
Opel Rekord P2 4-doors
Opel Rekord P2 coupé
The basic engines was a 1,488 cc L4 water cooled engine (33 kW), basically the same engine since it had first been offered in the Opel Olympia back in 1937. The 1,680 cc L4 engine (40 kW), which had been introduced on the P1 in 1959, was also available. In the more comfortable "L" version of the P2, Opel offered from June 1962 a 44 kW "S" engine.
Opel Rekord P2 CarAVan
Opel Rekord P2 coupé
Successor, Opel Rekord A (1963)
In September 1963 the Opel Rekord P1 was replaced by the Opel Rekord A. A total of 786.411 P2 cars were produced.
Opel Rekord P2 Brochure (The Netherlands, 1960)
Opel Rekord P2 Coupé Brochure (The Netherlands, 1961)
Opel Rekord P2 CarAVan Brochure (The Netherlands, 1960)

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