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1960, Film: “Tirez sur le pianiste”

The French film “Tirez sur le pianiste” (English: “Shoot the Piano Player”) is released on 25 November 1960. This crime drama is directed by one of the founders of La Nouvelle Vague (English: The New Wave), François Truffaut. It is Truffaut's second feature after “Les quatre cents coups” (English: The 400 Blows). Based on the novel “Down There” by the American writer David Goodis the film stars the French/Armenian singer Charles Aznavour as the pianist Charlie Kohler / Edouard Saroyan.

A former virtuose pianist, Charlie Kohler/Edouard Saroyan, gave up after his wife's suicide. Now he is stroking the keys in a Parisian bar. The waitress, Léna, is falling in love with Charlie, who it turns out is not who he says he is. When his brother Chico has trouble with gangsters, Charlie gets involved into the chaos...
Nicole Berger & Charles Aznavour
Charles Aznavour & Marie Dubois
Charles Aznavour

Main Cast
  • Charles Aznavour as Charlie Kohler / Edouard Saroyan
  • Marie Dubois as Léna
  • Nicole Berger as Thérèse Saroyan
  • Michèle Mercier as Clarisse
  • Serge Davri as Plyne
  • Claude Mansard as Momo
  • Richard Kanayan as Fido Saroyan
  • Albert Rémy as Chico Saroyan
  • Jean-Jacques Aslanian as Richard Saroyan
  • Daniel Boulanger as Ernest
  • Claude Heymann as Lars Schmeel
  • Alex Joffé as Passerby
  • Boby Lapointe as The Singer
  • Catherine Lutz as Mammy
Nicole Berger & Charles Aznavour
Marie Dubois
François Truffaut, Marie Dubois & Charles Aznavour

1960 French Trailer

Screen test Marie Dubois

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