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1967, Cars: Ford (Taunus) P7a

In July 1967 an all new German Ford (Taunus) 17M/20M (internal P7a) was introduced. The P7a inherited its wheelbase from the previous model (P5) but the new body was longer and wider. The engine was front-mounted and drove the rear wheels. The new car offered four engines: a 1498 cc V4 engine, a 1699 cc V4, a 1998 cc V6, and a V6 2293 cc unit.

The car was offered as a two and four-door saloon, a three and five door “Turnier” station wagon, a three-door “Turnier” panel van, and a 2-door coupé.
Predecessor: Ford Taunus P5
Ford (Taunus) P7a 17m 2d
Ford Taunus) P7a 20m 4d
Ford (Taunus) P7a 20m coupé
Ford P7a 17m Turnier 3d
The P7a was produced only for one year from July 1967 until July 1968. During this period 155,780 P7a's rolled off the production line. European car buyers did not fall for its squared American looks. Ford Germany replaced it one year after its introduction with the much more European styled P7b.

Successor: Ford Taunus P7b
Brochure Ford (Taunus) 17m (1967, Norway)
Brochure Ford (Taunus) 20m (1967, Norway)

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