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1977, Cars: Alfa Romeo Giulietta (tippo 116)

In November 1977 Italian car maker Alfa Romeo introduced an all new Giulietta as the successor of the Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Giulia (1962-1977). The car was named after the original Giulietta (1954-1965) but it was a completely new design based on the Alfa Romeo Alfetta chassis. The Giulietta was only offered in 4-door sedan form.

At the introduction two engines were available: 1.3 L with 70 kW and 1.6 L with 80 kW. In May 1979 a 1.8 L engine with 90 kW was added and in 1980 the Super Giulietta with a 2 litre engine with 96 kW appeared.
Predecessor: Alfa Romeo Giulia (1962-1978)
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Series 1 (1977-1981)
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Series 2 (1981-1983)
In 1981 the Giulietta had small facelift with plastic protection around the lower body, a new steering wheel, new seats and a updated dashboard. At the 1982 Paris motor show Alfa Romeo introduced the Giulietta 2.0 Turbo Autodelta with 125 kW power. All turbo versions were black with a red interior; only 361 were produced. In the same year, the Giulietta 2.0 Ti and turbodiesel with 60 kW were also introduced. In late 1983 series 3 was presented with redesigned bumpers and a completely new dashboard.
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Series 3 (1983-1985)
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Series 3 (1983-1985)
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Turbo Autodelta
Successor: Alfa Romeo 75 (1985-1992)
A total of 380,000 Giuliettas has been built. The Giulietta was replaced by the Alfa Romeo 75 in 1985.

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