Thursday, 16 October 2014

1968, Cars: Renault 6

French car maker Renault introduced their new 6 at the 1968 Paris Motor Show. The car was intended to compete with the Citroën Ami 6 and the Citroën Dyane. The Renault 6 used the R4 platform as well as its 845 cc engine. The car was technically almost identical to the Renault 4, but visually it had the looks of the Renault 16.

In 1970 the car was updated with the more powerful 1.1 litre engine from the Renault 8, higher equipment, a new gearbox and cooling system, and front disc brakes.
Renault 6 (1968)
Renault 6 (1968)
Renault 6 (1970)
In 1974 the R6 was restyled with square headlights, new rear lights, a black plastic grille, and new bumpers. The front indicator lights moved to the bumper.
Renault 6 (1974)
Renault 6 (1974)
Production in France ended in 1980, in Spain and Argentina the car was still produced until 1986.

Renault 6 French Advert 1968

Renault 6 French Advert 1969

Renault 6 Spanish Advert 1970

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