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1977, Television: “Come Back Mrs. Noah”

The pilot episode of the BBC television sitcom "Come Back Mrs. Noah" premieres on 13 December 1977. The series, written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft and directed by Bob Spiers, stars Mollie Sugden as Mrs. Gertrude Noah. After the pilot five episodes were broadcasted in 1978 (17 July 1978 - 14 August 1978). Lloyd and Croft already wrote together the successful sitcom "Are You Being Served?" in 1972 and in 1982 they worked on one of the most popular British sitcoms "'Allo 'Allo!".

In 2050 British housewife Gertrude Noah (Molly Sugden) wins a visit on the "Britannia Seven", the UK's new Space Exploration Vehicle. On Wednesday 22 June 2050 the spacecraft accidentally blasts off into space with Mrs Noah and a small crew onboard...
Mollie Sugden became well known as Mrs. Slocombe in "Are You Being Served?"
Ian Lavender became famous as Frank Pike in "Dad's Army"
Donald Hewlett became famous as Colonel Charles Reynolds in
"It Ain't Half Hot Mum" and Lord Meldrum in "You Rang, M'Lord?"
Michael Knowles became famous as Captain Jonathan Ashwood in
"It Ain't Half Hot Mum" and Teddy Meldrum in "You Rang, M'Lord?"
Gorden Kaye became famous as René Artois in "'Allo 'Allo!"
Main Cast
  • Mollie Sugden as Mrs. Gertrude Noah
  • Ian Lavender as Clive Cunliffe
  • Donald Hewlett as Carstairs
  • Michael Knowles as Fanshaw
  • Gorden Kaye as TV Presenter
  • Tim Barrett as Garfield Hawk
  • Joe Black as Garstang
  • Ann Michelle as Scarth Dare
  • Jennifer Lonsdale as Technician

"Come Back Mrs. Noah" Opening and Closing Credits

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