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1972, Cars: Triumph Dolomite

The Triumph Dolomite was unveiled at the London Motor Show in October 1971. Full production started in October 1972 by the Triumph Motor Company in Canley, Coventry, a division of the British Leyland Corporation.

The new Triumph was designed as the successor for the front-wheel drive Triumph 1500, and also to replace the rear-wheel drive Triumph Toledo and the 6-cylinder Triumph Vitesse. It used the bodyshell of the front wheel drive Triumph 1500 combined with the running gear from the rear-wheel drive Triumph Toledo. The name "Dolomite" had already been used by Triumph for a range of pre Second World War cars.
Triumph Dolomite 14/60 (1938)
Predecessor: Triumph Toledo
Predecessor: Triumph Vitesse MK II
In 1972 the car was only available with a new L4 1854 cc engine with 68 kW. The same engine that the company was already providing to Saab for use in their 99 model. The Dolomite aimed at the compact performance-luxury sector, competing against cars such as the BMW 2002 and the Ford Cortina GXL. It was offered with a high level of standard equipment, including twin headlamps, a clock, full instrumentation, luxury seats and carpets, a heated rear window, and a cigar lighter.
Triumph Dolomite (1972)
Triumph Dolomite Sprint Launch Photo (1973)
In June 1973 Triumph unveiled the Dolomite Sprint. The car had a new 16-valve cylinder 1998 cc engine combined with bigger carburettors the output was upped to 95 kW. The Dolomite Sprint is the world's first mass-produced multi-valve car. Performance was excellent, with 0 to 97 km/h in 8.4 seconds and a maximum speed of 192 km/h. The car had additional alloy wheels (first on a production car), a vinyl roof, front spoiler, twin exhausts and lowered suspension.
Triumph Dolomite 1500 (1973)
Triumph Dolomite 1850HL (1976)
Triumph Dolomite Sprint (1973)
Triumph Dolomite Sprint (1974)
Triumph Dolomite Sprint (1974)
In 1976 the Triumph range was simplified:
  • Dolomite 1300: Base model. Basic trim, single headlamps, 1296 cc engine (former Triumph Toledo).
  • Dolomite 1500: Same as 1300, with 1,493 cc (91 cu in) engine (former Triumph 1500).
  • Dolomite 1500HL: Luxury specification as per 1850, with 1493 cc engine (former Triumph 1500 TC).
  • Dolomite 1850HL: Luxury specification, 1,850 cc (113 cu in) OHC engine. (Front spoiler fitted from 1975)
  • Dolomite Sprint: The performance version: luxury trim, 16-valve 1,998 cc (122 cu in) engine
Triumph Dolomite Range (1976)
The Dolomite was replaced in 1981 by the Triumph Acclaim, a four-door front-wheel drive family saloon produced in a joint venture with Honda.

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