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1971, Belgian Comics: “Natasja”

In 1971 the first "Natasja" (French: "Natacha") album, "Natasja, luchtstewardess" (Original title: "Natacha, hôtesse de l'air") is published by Dupuis. The series was created by François Walthéry (drawings) and Gos (Roland Goossens) (story). The character was created by Walthéry in 1965 partly based on Mireille Darc, France Gall, and Dany Carrel. Due to censorship, more specifically the explicitly female forms of Natacha, the first story was only published five years later in 1970 in the Belgian comics magazine Spirou/Robbedoes.

No 1 "Natasja, luchtstewardess"
  • full-colour
  • never published in English
  • story by Gos (Roland Goossens) and drawings by François Walthéry
  • Original French title: "Natacha, hôtesse de l'air"
No 1 "Natasja, luchtstewardess" (Original title: "Natacha, hôtesse de l'air")
Natasja is the stewardess on a special chartered flight. On the flight are a South American football team, two boxes of toys and two gold crates. It soon becomes clear that the real footballers stayed on the ground and that impostors took their place. The flight is diverted to an equatorial island...
Natasja and Walter
The Co-Pilot (left) and The Pilot (right)
The gangsters, Natasja and Walter
Natasja and the headhunters
Walthéry partly based Natasja on Mireille Darc, France Gall and Dany Carrel
  • Fiat 850 Spider
  • Citroën DS
  • Volkswagen 1200 (Beetle)
  • unidentified mini-bus, the drawing was probably based on the Renault Estafette
  • unidentified American car
Fiat 850 Spider
Citroën DS, Fiat 850 Spider and Volkswagen 1200 (Beetle)
Unidentified mini-bus, the drawing was probably based on the Renault Estafette
Unidentified American car
  • Douglas DC-3 (OWN)
Douglas DC-3

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