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1965, Belgian Comics: "Kari Lente", "De wolf van Boseind"

In 1965 the first "Kari Lente lost het op" (“Kari Spring will solve it”) album "De wolf van Boseind" (“The Wolf of Boseind”) is published by “NV Standaard Boekhandel”. The story first appeared in the Flemish newspaper "Gazet van Antwerpen" in 1960. The series "Kari Lente", initially titled "Kari Lente lost het op", was created by Bob Mau (1926 - 2006) in 1962. The main character of the comic is the journalist Kari Lente (Kari Spring), along with her faithful little cat Titus and fellow journalist Bikkel. The somewhat frumpy detective Sus Pens, the strange creature Slurfie and the awkward professor Knitsel were added later.

"De wolf van Boseind"
  • brown/blue
  • never published in English
  • story and drawings by Bob Mau
Sus Pens, Bikkel, Kari Lente and Titus
Sus Pens, Bikkel, Kobe Van Streek and Kari Lente
A tree falls on the chalet of Sus Pens in Boseind. When Kari, Bikkel and Sus arrive in Boseind they are confronted with some strange werewolf events and stories...
Kari Lente, Bikkel, Sus Pens, Kobe and boswachter
Jonas and Kasteelheer ("Lord of Castle")
Main characters
Kari Lente, Bikkel, Titus, Sus Pens, Sus Pens Mother, Kobe Van Streek, Kobe's Mother, Mieke Kandy, boswachter, Jonas, Kasteelheer ("Lord of Castle").
Kobe, Kobe's Mother and Kari Lente
Sus Pense's Mother
Mieke Candy, boswachter and Kari Lente
  • MG A
  • Sus Pens oldtimer (probably Ford or Citroën)
  • Opel Rekord P2
Sus Pens oldtimer (probably Ford or Citroën)
Opel Rekord P2

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