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1972, Belgian Comics: “Karl May”, “De Erfvijanden”

In 1972 the 32nd "Karl May" album, "De Erfvijanden" ("The Hereditary Enemies") was published by "Standaard Uitgeverij". When the rights to Karl May's stories were released in 1962, Willy Vandersteen started with a comic series based on the books written by German author Karl May. The first two albums were titled "Old Shatterhand" (n° 1) and "Winnetou" (n° 2). From 1962 up to 1985 a total of 87 albums were published.

"De Erfvijanden"
  • brown/blue
  • never published in English
  • published in German as "Die Erbfeinde" by Wick Comics
  • story and drawings "Studio Vandersteen"
N° 32 "De Erfvijanden" ("The Hereditary Enemies")
General Wissler appoints Old Shatterhand and Winnetou as advisers to accompany the Pawnee people along with Majoor Bud Carrington to their new territory west of Red Hills. However, when the area is occupied by a gang of gold prospectors, the Pawnees are forced to travel to the area of their archenemies the Crows ...
Major Bud Carrington and Old Shatterhand
General Wissler
Grey Elk head of the Pawnees
Old Shatterhand
Main characters
Old Shatterhand, Winnetou, General Wissler, Grey Elk head of the Pawnees, Major Bud Carrington, Otto Neihardt, Ranko the dog, Red Tongue head of the Crows.
Otto Neihardt
Ranko the dog
Red Tongue head of the Crows
Old Shatterhand and Winnetou

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