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1977, Science and Technology: “Atari Video Computer System” or “Atari VCS”

On September 11, 1977 the American video game and home computer company Atari, Inc. released the first "Atari Video Computer System" (in 1982 renamed as "Atari 2600"). It is considered as the first video game console popularising the use of microprocessor-based hardware and ROM data-cartridges containing game code. Atari, Inc. founders (1972) Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney developed their gaming system in the early 1970s originally named "Syzygy".
Atari Video Computer System (1977)
Atari Video Computer System Launch (1977)
The game console was originally priced at US$199 (with inflation now US$804) or €160,1 (with inflation now €646). It had originally two joysticks and a Combat cartridge. Eight extra games were available at launch and sold separately. The first year (1977-1978) the console was produced at Sunnyvale, California, USA, in 1978 production moved to Hong Kong. In late 1979 the Atari VCS was the best-selling game console with 1 million units sold that year.
Atari Video Computer System advert (USA, 1982)
Atari Video Computer System advert (USA, 1982)
A total of 30 million units were sold (1977-1992). The CPU was 8-bits with 1.19 Mhz speed and 128 byte RAM. The possible input controllers were joysticks, paddles, driving Controller, track-ball and keypad . The best-selling game was “Pac-Man” (7 million).
Atari Video Computer System advert (USA, 1982)
Atari Video Computer System games
Did you know...
Apple existed only one year (1976)
Still 4 years to wait for the first DOS PC (1981)
Still 8 years to wait for the first Windows PC (1985)
Still 18 years to wait for the first efficient Web search engine AltaVista (1995)
Still 27 years to wait before Facebook appeared (2004)

Atari VCS advert (USA, 1978)

Atari VCS advert (USA, 1980's)

Atari VCS advert (USA, 1980's)

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