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1967, Cars: Citroën ID/DS

In September 1967 the Citroën ID/DS was restyled by Robert Opron. This was the second facelift for the DS, the first one was in 1962. The front end of the car received four lamps mounted behind transparent glass panels. On the top models the inner pair of lamps swivelled with the steering while the outer pair were linked to the suspension maintaining a constant level beam. The lamps were powered by the car's central hydraulic system.

Citroën ID/DS first nose 1955-1962
Citroën ID/DS second nose 1962-1967
Citroën ID/DS third nose 1967-1975
The original ID/DS was styled by Flaminio Bertoni. The first ID/DS developments go back to 1936 as project VGD (“Voiture à Grande Diffusion” or "mass produced car") as a replacement for the then new “Traction Avant”.
Citroën DS 19 at the Paris motor show (1955)
Citroën DS 19 at the Paris motor show (1955)
Citroën DS 19 at the Paris motor show (1955)
On Thursday 5th October 1955 at 9 o'clock, the new Citroën DS 19 was unveiled at the Paris motor show. Minutes after the unveiling of the car at the Paris salon, dozens were driven out of the factory gates into the Paris traffic. By 09:45 Citroën had taken 749 orders and by the end of the first day 12000.

Citroën DS advert (France, 1968)

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