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1973, Television: "Thriller"

On April 14, 1973, the first episode of the British TV series "Thriller" was broadcast on ITV. The first episode titled "Lady Killer" was directed by Bill Hays and written by Brian Clemens, it featured Barbara Feldon, T. P. McKenna, Robert Powell, Linda Thorson, Mary Wimbush and Ivor Roberts as cast.

"Thriller" is an anthology series, each episode has a separate story and a different cast. The series was created by Brian Clemens, who also wrote most of the episodes. A total of 43 episodes were produced in six series from 1973 to 1976. The music, including the theme tune, was composed by Laurie Johnson.
Linda Thorson as Toni Tanner and Robert Powell as Paul Tanner
in the "Thriller" episode "Lady Killer" (TV Times Cover, 1973)
Robert Powell as Paul Tanner and Barbara Feldon as Jenny Frifth
in the "Thriller" episode "Lady Killer" (1973)
Synopsis first episode
Jenny Frifth (Barbara Feldon), a shy and lonely American girl marries the charming Paul Tanner (Robert Powell) while on vacation in England, unaware that he has a sinister plan for her...
Peter Bowles as Supt. Lucas in the "Thriller" episode "The Double Kill" (1975)
Diana Dors as Bessy Morne and Cec Linder as Edgar Harrow
in the "Thriller" episode "Nurse Will Make It Better" (1975)
Main cast first episode
  • Robert Powell as Paul Tanner
  • Barbara Feldon as Jenny Frifth
  • Linda Thorson as Toni Tanner
  • T.P. McKenna as Jack Hardisty
  • Mary Wimbush as Mrs. Bradley
  • John Boswall as Old Man
  • Ivor Roberts as Doctor
  • Howard Rawlinson as Hotel Clerk
  • Ronald Mayer as Minister
  • David Billa as Waiter

Opening and closing credits "Lady Killer" (1973)

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