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1967, Cars: Simca 1100

The Simca 1100 was first shown at the Paris Auto Show held at Versailles from October 5 until October 15 1967. The 1100 was advanced in design, featuring a hatchback with folding rear seats, disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, an independent front and rear suspension. I was the first Simca to wear the Chrysler Pentastar, replacing the Simca Swallow.

The range started with the 1100 LS, available as a hatchback and as an estate car. It was recognisable as the entry level model by its bumpers which had no over riders and by a lack of brightwork round the windows. Next up was the 1100 GL which had rubber faced over riders on the bumper and extra chrome trim. Top of the range was the 1100 GLS, with chrome strips round the wheel arches and full size chrome wheel trims.
Simca 1100 LS 1967
Simca 1100 GLS
The car was fitted with Simca Type 315 petrol OHV engines with 944, 1118, and 1294 cc variants, depending on year and market. A 1118 cc engine was introduced in 1971 to the UK market as the Simca 1204, it was also sold in the USA in limited quantities.
Simca 1100 Spécial 1970
Simca 1100 Ti 1973
The 1100 was very popular, by 1969, 44% of the Simca's made at the Poissy plant in Paris were the 1100, 26% were the 1000, and 30% were the 1301/1501. The 1100 became the best-selling Simca of all time. From 1967 to 1985 a total of 2.2 million cars were produced. The Simca 1100 was also the basis for the Matra (Simca) Rancho.
Simca 1100 Swiss Ad (1967)

Simca 1100 Spanish Ad (1970)

Simca 1100 French Ad (1974)
Simca 1100 LS Brochure (1970, Dutch)

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