Tuesday, 2 April 2013

1964, Music: The Beatles occupy the five top positions on Billboard's Hot 100

On the Billboard Hot 100 of April 4, 1964, the Beatles made history as the only act ever to monopolise the chart's top five positions. In all they had 12 places on the US chart.
1: Can't Buy Me Love
2: Twist And Shout
3: She Loves You
4: I Want To Hold Your Hand
5: Please Please Me
31: Saw Her Standing There
41: From Me To You
46: Do You Want To Know A Secret
58: All My Loving
65: You Can't Do That
68: Roll Over Beethoven
79: Thank You Girl
Number 1: Can't Buy Me Love
Number 2: Twist And Shout
Number 3: She Loves You
Number 4: I Want To Hold Your Hand
Number 5: Please Please Me
The following week two more Beatles singles entered the chart: There's A Place (at 74) and Love Me Do (81).


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