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1976, Television: “Star Maidens”

The British-German SF series “Star Maidens” (German Title: “Die Mädchen aus dem Weltraum”) premieres on ITV on 1 September 1976. The television series was made for ITV and ARD by Portman Productions in association with Jost Graf von Hardenberg & Co., Scottish Television Enterprises and Werbung im Rundfunk GmbH (WiR). The thirteen episodes were written by Eric Paice and Jost von Hardenberg. The theme music was composed by Berry Lipman.

The planet Medusa drifts after a collision with a comet into Earth's solar system and is detected by some Earth scientists. The frozen surface of Medusa is inhabitable and the people are now living in a technical advanced underground city. Medusa is ruled by the women, who consider men as mentally inferior. The men are divided into two categories: the "adequately intelligent" who work as domestics, and the remainder who perform labor under the supervision of female guards. When two male domestics escape to Earth they are pursued by the Medusan security forces. The Medusans fail to re-capture them so they bring two human hostages to Medusa...
Judy Geeson
Lisa Harrow (right)
Christiane Krüger
Christiane Krüger (middle) and Lisa Harrow (right)
Main Cast
  • Lisa Harrow as Liz
  • Christian Quadflieg as Rudi
  • Christiane Krüger as Octavia
  • Judy Geeson as Fulvia
  • Gareth Thomas as Shem
  • Pierre Brice as Adam
  • Derek Farr as Evans
  • Dawn Addams as Clara
  • Annette Lynton as Clara's Assistant
  • Ursula Mellin as Andrea
  • Ann Maj-Brit as Octavia's Assistant
  • Ronald Hines as Stanley

Opening Credits

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