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1975, Film: “Le vieux fusil”

The French/German film “Le vieux fusil” (English: “The Old Gun”) is released in France on 22 August 1975. The film, directed by Robert Enrico, music by François de Roubaix, and starring Philippe Noiret, Romy Schneider and Jean Bouise, is based on the Massacre of Oradour-sur-Glane in 1944. On 10 June 1944, 642 inhabitants including 205 children of Oradour-sur-Glane were murdered by a German battalion.
The film won the 1976 César Award for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Music, and was nominated for best director, supporting actor, writing, cinematography, editing and sound.

1944, Julien Dandieu (Philippe Noiret) is a surgeon in the local hospital of Montauban. When the German army enters Montauban, Dandieu asks his friend François (Jean Bouise) to drive his wife Clara (Romy Schneider) and his daughter Florence (Catherine Delaporte) to a village in the country where he owns a castle. Later that week Dandieu sets off to meet his family, but meanwhile the Germans have occupied the village. He discovers that all the local people have been killed and that his daughter was shot and his wife burned to death by a German flame-thrower. Dandieu decides to kill as many Germans as possible to avenge his wife and daughter...
Philippe Noiret, Caroline Bonhomme & Romy Schneider
Philippe Noiret
Romy Schneider
Main Cast
  • Philippe Noiret as Julien Dandieu
  • Romy Schneider as Clara Dandieu
  • Jean Bouise as François
  • Joachim Hansen as SS officer
  • Robert Hoffmann as Lieutenant
  • Caroline Bonhomme as Florence Dandieu (8 years)
  • Catherine Delaporte as Florence Dandieu (13 years)
  • Karl Michael Vogler as Doctor Müller
  • Madeleine Ozeray as Julien's Mother

Romy Schneider & Philippe Noiret
Philippe Noiret
Romy Schneider
  • César Meilleur film (Best Film) for Robert Enrico (César Awards, France 1976)
  • César Meilleur acteur (Best Actor) for Philippe Noiret (César Awards, France 1976)
  • César Meilleure musique (Best Music) for François de Roubaix (César Awards, France 1976)
  • David Migliore Attore Straniero (Best Foreign Actor) for Philippe Noiret (David di Donatello Awards, Italy 1976)


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