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1972, Cars: Daf 66

Dutch car maker DAF introduced the new DAF 66 in September 1972. The car replaced the DAF 55. Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti redesigned the DAF 55 with a new front giving the new DAF 66 a more modern appearance. Another important change was the replacement of the swing axles by a leaf sprung De Dion rear axle with a Variomatic differential.

Predecessor DAF 55
The DAF 66 was launched as a three model range: a 2-door saloon, a 3-door estate and a 2-door 2+2 coupe. Each model was available as 'De Luxe' (drum brakes and vinyl seats), 'Super Luxe' (Front disks and cloth seats) and 'Marathon' (Extra power and wider wheels).
DAF 66 Sedan
DAF 66 Coupé
DAF 66 Estate 1300 Marathon
The car had a reworked 1108 cc Renault Cléon-Fonte engine with 40 kW for the 'De Luxe' and 'Super Luxe' models, and 45 kW for the 'Marathon'. In 1973 the '1300 Marathon' replaced the original 'Marathon', it had a 1289cc 43 kW version of the Renault C-series inline 4 engine.
DAF 66 Sedan 1300 Marathon
DAF 66 Coupé 1300 Marathon
In 1974 the Dutch Armed Forces commissioned DAF to build a small personnel carrier. This DAF YA 66 was roofless, Jeep like adaption of the normal DAF 66 sedan. 1201 DAF YA 66s were built, they were all decommissioned in the early 90's and sold to the public.
Successor Volvo 66
The DAF 66 was superseded in August 1975 by the Volvo 66 after Volvo Cars bought DAF. A total of 101.967 DAF 66s were build.

DAF 66 UK Advert (1975)

Brochure DAF 66 Sedan (1972, The Netherlands)
Brochure DAF 66 Estate (1972, The Netherlands)
Brochure DAF 66 Marathon (1972, The Netherlands)

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