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1964, Cars: Fiat 850

In 1964 Italian car maker Fiat introduced the Fiat 850, a small rear-engined rear-wheel drive car designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, as a successor to the very popular Fiat 600.

The engine bas based on that of the Fiat 600 with an increased capacity to 843 cc. Initially two sedan versions were available: "normale" with a 25 kW engine and "super" with a 28 kW engine. The maximum speed was approximately 125 km/h. At the same time Fiat also introduced the Familiare as a successor to the Fiat 600 Multipla. It featured space for seven passengers in three seat rows.
Predecessor Fiat 600
Fiat 850 Sedan
Fiat 850 Coupé
In 1965 Fiat introduced the 850 Coupé on the Geneva Motor Show with the 843 cc engine tuned to produce 35 kW and a maximum speed of 135 km/h. At the same time the Bertone designed Spider was introduced with the 843 cc engine tuned to produce 37 kW allowing a top speed of 145 km/h.
Fiat 850 Spider
The Fiat 850 Special, a revised version of the 850 sedan was launched in 1968. It shared the 35 kW engine of the 850 Coupé featuring front disc brakes, a sport steering wheel and updated trim. The Spider and Coupé were also revised as the Sport Spider and Sport Coupé with a stronger engine with 903 cc and 39 kW.
Fiat 850 Spécial
Fiat 850 Sport Coupé
Successor Fiat 127 (1973)
Production ended in 1973 when the 850 was succeeded by Fiat 127 and the Seat 133 (in some countries Fiat 133). The 850 Familiare continued in production till 1976 when it was replaced by the similar Fiat 900T.

Fiat 850 Sedan Italian advert (1965)

Fiat 850 Sedan German Documentary (1964)

Fiat 850 Coupé French advert (1965)

Fiat 850 Sport Spider Italian ad (1968)

Brochure Fiat 850 Spider (1968, German)

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