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1976, Film: L'Alpagueur

The French action thriller "L'Alpagueur" (English title: “Hunter Will Get You”) is released 7 March 1976 in France. The film was directed by Philippe Labro based on an original scenario by himself. Main stars are Jean-Paul Belmondo as L'Alpagueur (The Hunter) and Bruno Cremer as L'Epervier (The Sparrowhawk). The musical score, a piano mix with modern rhythms and brass instruments, was composed by Michel Colombier. The film was the first which Belmondo was the sole producer.

"L'Alpagueur" code name for Roger Pilard, is a bounty hunter who works for the French security services. After closing down notorious drugs ring in the Netherlands, Pilard is assigned to eliminate a ruthless gangster known only as "L'Epervier" (The Sparrowhawk), who enlists youngsters to help him in bank robberies and afterwards killing them...
Jean-Paul Belmondo as Roger Pilard aka l'Alpagueur
Bruno Cremer as L'Epervier
Jean-Paul Belmondo as Roger Pilard aka l'Alpagueur and
Jean Négroni as Spitzer
Victor Garrivier as Doumecq and Jean-Paul Belmondo as Roger Pilard aka l'Alpagueur
Main cast
  • Jean-Paul Belmondo as Roger Pilard aka l'Alpagueur (The Hunter)
  • Bruno Cremer as L'Epervier (The Sparrowhawk)
  • Jean Négroni as Spitzer
  • Patrick Fierry as Costa Valdez
  • Jean-Pierre Jorris as Salicetti
  • Victor Garrivier as Doumecq
  • Claude Brosset as Granier
  • Marcel Imhoff as Director
  • Maurice Auzel as Heavy trucker
  • Muriel Belmondo (Jean-Paul Belmondo's younger sister) as First Air Hostess
  • Roger Benamou as Spanish mafioso
  • Jean-Luc Boutté as Second gunman
  • Patrice Chapelain-Midy as bank employee
  • Michèle Delacroix as Second Air Hostess
  • Jacques Destoop as Sicilian mafioso

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