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1977, Belgian Comics: “Robbedoes en Kwabbernoot” (original title: “Spirou et Fantasio”)

In 1977 a new "Robbedoes en Kwabbernoot" (Eng.: "Spirou and Fantasio"; original: "Spirou et Fantasio") album "De doodsman" (original: "L'Ankou") is published by Dupuis. It is the twenty-seventh album in the series.

The comic was pre-published in the magazine "Spirou"/"Robbedoes" (1976). The story was drawn and written by the French cartoonist Jean-Claude Fournier. The main characters are Robbedoes (Spirou), Kwabbernoot (Fantasio), squirrel Spip, De doodsman (L'Ankou), Ororéa, Itoh Kata, Rethros Athana, Al Kazar, Capuccino, and, bad guys Freddy and Boy.

The series "Robbedoes en Kwabbernoot" ("Spirou and Fantasio") has been running since 1938. It has been written and drawn by a succession of artists.
No 27 "De doodsman" (original: "L'Ankou")
The comic strip was originally created by French cartoonist Rob-Vel (François Robert Velter) for the launch of Le Journal de Spirou ("Spirou”/Robbedoes") on April 21, 1938, published by Éditions Dupuis. The first succession came in 1943 when Belgian cartoonist Jijé (Joseph Gillain) was given charge of the character. In 1944 he introduced Fantasio, who would become Spirou's best friend. In 1946 Jijé handed the series to his helper, the young Belgian comics artist André Franquin. Franquin developed the strip from single gags and short serials into long adventures with complex plots, and is usually considered as the definitive author of the strip. In 1969 Franquin grew tired of Spirou and he passed the series to the French cartoonist Fournier (Jean-Claude Fournier).
Robbedoes (Spirou), Kwabbernoot (Fantasio) and Spip
Rethros Athana and Ororéa
De doodsman (L'Ankou)
At the end of the 1970s Nic Broca (drawings) and Raoul Cauvin (writing) took on Fournier's lead without adding much to the characters, they made three albums. It was the team of the Belgians Tome (Philippe Vandevelde) (writing) and Janry (Jean-Richard Geurts) (drawings) which was to find lasting success with Robbedoes (Spirou).
Al Kazar and Kwabbernoot (Fantasio)
Capuccino, Rethros Athana, Kwabbernoot (Fantasio), Al Kazar and Itoh Kata
Bad guys Freddy and Boy
In 2004, after a 6 years break, the series came back with French comics writer Jean-David Morvan (writing) and Spanish artist José-Luis Munuera (drawings). They made four albums. In 2009 Morvan and Munuera were succeeded by the French comics writer Fabien Vehlmann and Yoann (Yoann Chivard) (drawings).

Ororéa invites Robbedoes (Spirou) and Kwabbernoot (Fantasio) to join her at a congress of magicians in Brittany. When they arrive, they meet strange Doodsman (L'Ankou), who objects to the presence of a nuclear power station...

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