Saturday, 26 March 2016

1975, Car Spotting: La Rochelle, France

Left row, front to back:
Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina, Peugeot 204 Coupé, Renault 4, BMW 3.0 CSL (E9), Citroën Dyane, Mercedes-Benz W110 or W111, unidentified coupé probably Ford Capri Mk I, unidentified car probably Peugeot 504, Peugeot 204, unidentified dark coloured car, Volvo 140 Series or 200 Series, Citroën ID/DS, Peugeot 204.

Right row, front to back:
Audi 100 (C1), Audi 80 (B1), Renault 16, Autobianchi A112, Simca 1000 Rallye 2, Renault 5, Ford Taunus L (TC1), Citroën 2CV, Renault 4, Rover P6, unidentified car probably Morris Marina, Renault 12, Citroën 2CV, Volkswagen 1200 or 1300 (Beetle), Renault 4, Renault 16, Mercedes-Benz W114, Peugeot 403 pickup, Citroën Dyane, unidentified green coloured car probably Renault 6, Citroën ID/DS Familiale, after the ID/DS it is getting very blurry.

On the road (far right):
Citroën 2CV panel van and Ford Transit Mk I

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