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1973, Music: ABBA, “Ring Ring”

On March 26, 1973 the Swedish group "Björn Benny & Agnetha Frida", who would later become famous as ABBA, release their first album "Ring Ring" through "Polar Music". The Album was released in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Belgium and The Netherlands.

The first song "People Need Love" was recorded in 1972. The 1973 album opens with "Ring Ring (Bara du slog en signal)", the Swedish version of the track, and places the English-language version as track four on side two.

In 1973 the band participates at Melodifestivalen (Swedish preselection to the Eurovision Song contetst) with the song "Ring Ring". Manager Stig Anderson arranged an English translation of the lyrics by Neil Sedaka and Phil Cody. The song came third on 10 February 1973, thus never reaching the Eurovision Song Contest.
Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog in 1973
Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad and Agnetha Fältskog in 1973
Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad in 1973
Songs (original 1973 album)
All songs were written and composed by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, except "Disillusion", "Ring Ring" (English version) and "I Am Just a Girl".

Side one
1."Ring Ring (Bara du slog en signal)" (Swedish version)
2."Another Town, Another Train"
3."Disillusion" (Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus)
4."People Need Love"
5."I Saw It in the Mirror"
6."Nina, Pretty Ballerina"
Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad,
Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog in 1973
Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad,
Agnetha Fältskog and Björn Ulvaeus in 1973
Side two
1."Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)"
2."Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother"
3."He Is Your Brother"
4."Ring Ring" (English version) (Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson, Björn Ulvaeus, Neil Sedaka, Phil Cody)
5."I Am Just a Girl" (Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson, Björn Ulvaeus)
6."Rock'n Roll Band"

"Ring Ring" - Live at Melodifestivalen 1973

"Ring Ring" official video 1973

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