Tuesday, 16 August 2016

1975, Car spotting: 's-Hertogenbosch, Market Place

Left to right
Parked in front of Hotel Central:
Peugeot 304, Ford (Taunus) 15M (P6)
First parked row opposite Hotel Central:
Volkswagen Type 1 pre 1968 (Beetle), Opel Commodore B, Renault 4 Fourgonnette, Volkswagen 1200 Type 1 (Beetle), Fiat 124 of Lada 1200 (VAZ 2101), Opel Kadett C, Volkswagen Type 1 1200 or 1300 (Beetle), next to the snack house probably Toyota Corolla ke26 Wagon, unidentified white car, Volkswagen Type 1 (Beetle), Volkswagen Type 1 (Beetle), probably Sunbeam Hunter, probably Ford Taunus 12M/15M (P6), unidentified red car, probably Mercedes-Benz, probably BMW 02 Series, unidentified white car, unidentified red car, probably Ford Capri Mk I, unidentified red car (Fiat?)
Trying to find a parking spot:
Renault 12, Citroën 2CV, Ford Escort Mk 1, probably Fiat 124 or Lada 1200 (VAZ 2101), Toyota Crown (S60), Datsun 120A Cherry coupé (Nissan E10), Opel Kadett B
Parked first row, bottom photo:
BMC Mini (ADO15), Citroën Ami 8, Fiat 600, Citroën 2CV, Opel Rekord C, Renault 5, Peugeot 204, Daf 55
Trying to find a parking spot:
BMW 1600/1800/2000 (New Class), Vauxhall Victor FD
Parked second row:
Renault 4, Ford Escort Mk 1, Fiat 124 or Lada 1200 (VAZ 2101), Opel Kadett B, Opel Ascona A, Opel Ascona A, Peugeot 504, Volkswagen 1200 Type 1 (Beetle), Fiat 124 or Lada 1200 (VAZ 2101), unidentified blue car
Parked third row:
Fiat 850, Daf 44/55/66, probably Ford (Taunus) 17/20/26M (P7b), Mercedes-Benz (type?), Opel Kadett Caravan, probably red Ford Capri Mk I, unidentified dark car, unidentified yellow car, unidentified red car, unidentified white car, unidentified dark car, unidentified dark car, probably Fiat 600
Parked fourth row:
Fiat 127, Daf 44/55/66, Renault 4, Ford (Taunus) 12M coupé (P6), Volkswagen 1200 or 1300 Type 1 (Beetle), Daf 44/55/66 Combi, Opel Ascona A, Fiat 600, Simca 1301/1501, Mercedes-Benz W114/W115, Volkswagen Transporter Type 2 (T2), probably Fiat 124 Sport Coupé, BMC Mini (ADO15)
Parked fifth row:
probably Fiat, probably Opel Kadett B, probably Peugeot 504, Daf 66 Marathon Combi, four unidentified cars, probably Volkswagen Transporter Type 2 (T2)
Parked sixth row:
Toyota Corona Break (T100), Simca 1100 Fourgonnette, unidentified dark blue car (Audi?), Citroën 2CV, BMW 02 Series, probably Opel Rekord C Coupé, unidentified dark car
Parked seventh row:
Volkswagen 1200 Type 1 (Beetle), 2 unidentified white cars, unidentified red car, unidentified green car, unidentified white car
Parked eight row:
probably BMW New Class, Citroën Dyane, probably Opel Manta A, Simca 1100, unidentified brown car
Parked row opposite “Smits”, “Luxe Bakkerij” and “The Society Shop”:
unidentified dark car, Citroën 2CV, four unidentified white cars, red Citroën 2CV, Ford Capri Mk I, Renault 4

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