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1976, Belgian Comics: Rik Ringers - Ric Hochet

In 1976 the 22th "Rik Ringers" (French: "Ric Hochet") album, "Buitenaardse wezens vallen aan!" (Original title: "Alerte ! Extra-terrestres !") is published by Le Lombard. The series was created by Frenchman Tibet (Gilbert Gascard) (drawings) and Belgian André-Paul Duchâteau (scripts). The first short stories were published in 1955 in the Belgian comics magazine Tintin / Kuifje.

The series features the adventures of Rik Ringers (Ric Hochet), a reporter for the newspaper La Rafale in Paris. He is assisted by Commissioner Baardemakers (Commissaire Bourdon) and his assistant, inspector Kempers (Inspecteur Ledru). Several albums feature Nadine, the niece of Baardemakers and Rik's girlfriend. The series was also published in Germany (Rick Master), Finland (Riku Oksa), Sweden (Alan Falk / Rick Hart) and South India in Tamil (Reporter Johnny).
No 22 "Buitenaardse wezens vallen aan!"
  • full-colour
  • never published in English
  • story by André-Paul Duchâteau and drawings by Tibet (Gilbert Gascard)
  • Original French title: "Alerte ! Extra-terrestres !"
  • German title: "Angriff der Ausserirdischen"
  • Pre-published in Tintin/Kuifje from 13 november 1974 until 15 january 1975 (n° 46/1974 - n° 3/1975).
Frédéric Louaisil walks near the cemetery while the fog rolls. He hears a hissing sound and thinks, “yes, they came back!” The extraterrestrials he saw four years ago...
Commissioner Baardemakers, Bob Drumont and Rik Ringers
Mme Bodard and Commissioner Baardemakers
Maurice Chabert, Lisa Chabert, and Rik Ringers
Maurice Chabert, Rik Ringers and Frédéric Louasil
Main characters in this story are Rik Ringers (Ric Hochet), Commissioner Baardemakers (Commissaire Bourdon), Bob Drumont, Frédéric Louaisil, Mathias Louaisil, Maurice Chabert, Lisa Chabert, Dotor Richier, Doctor Norbert Génin, Yves Kernec, Albéric Lachaud and Mme Bodard.
Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and Michel Poniatowski
Bob Drumont and Ric Ringers
Yves Kernec and Albéric Lachaud
  • Maurice Chabert is a caricature of French actor Jean Gabin
  • appearance of the President of the French Republic, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and his interior minister, Michel Poniatowski
Frédéric Louasil and Yves Kernec
Mathias Louaisil and Bob Drumont
Dotor Richier, Doctor Norbert Génin and Rik Ringers
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