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1968, Film: "Un soir, un train"

The Belgian-French coproduction "Un soir, un train" (English: "One Night... A Train") was released on 22 November 1968 in France. The surrealist enigmatic drama, based on the novel "De trein der traagheid" (1953) by Johan Daisne (Herman Thiery), was directed by André Delvaux. The main cast includes Yves Montand and Anouk Aimée. The music was written by Frédéric Devreese. The song "La fleur de l'été", written by André Delvaux and Frédéric Devreese, was performed by Nicole Croisille.

The main themes in the movie are the linguistic barrier between the Dutch speaking Belgians (Flemish) and the French speaking Belgians (Walloons) and the barrier between life and death with the unknown village as a transition state between life and death.
Anouk Aimée as Anne and Yves Montand as Mathias
Yves Montand as Mathias, Hector Camerlynck as Hernhutter
and François Beukelaers as Val
Anouk Aimée as Anne and Yves Montand as Mathias
Mathias (Yves Montand) a Belgian professor of linguistics at a university and writer of Flemish plays, is living with his mistress, the French theatre costume designer Anne (Anouk Aimée). After a quarrel about moral questions, they take a train to attend a congress. While Mathias sleeps, Anne disappears. The train stops in the middle of the country and Mathias gets off the train with an old colleague Professor Hernhutter (Hector Camerlynck ), and an ex-student Val (François Beukelaers)...
Anouk Aimée
Yves Montand
Main cast
  • Yves Montand as Mathias
  • Anouk Aimée as Anne
  • Adriana Bogdan as Moira
  • Hector Camerlynck as Hernhutter
  • François Beukelaers as Val
  • Michael Gough as Jeremiah
  • Senne Rouffaer as Elckerlyc
  • Domien De Gruyter as Werner
  • Jan Peré as Henrik 

"Un soir, un train" opening credits

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